Discovering the Camargue in summer

Discovering the Camargue in summer

While the summer holidays are already well underway, the crossover between Julyists and Augustans is fast approaching. And France still remains one of the favorite destinations of the French. After taking you to Ardèche a few months ago, we are now heading for the Camargue in summer and more particularly for the Grau du Roi region.

Diving in the heart of the Camargue in summer

Located in the Occitanie region, in the Gard department in the South of France, the Camargue is one of the most attractive regions in summer. It shelters breathtaking landscapes without forgetting a sweetness of life which delights all travelers.

Classified as a biosphere reserve with its incomparable flora and fauna, the Camargue is particularly known for its numerous ponds and marshes. But you will be surprised to discover sublime beaches like that of Espiguette or its colorful cities like Arles and Aigues-Mortes.

In the Camargue in summer, some essentials

If you have the chance to spend a few days or weeks in the Camargue in summer, here is our selection of places and activities not to be missed to be amazed.

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Espiguette beach

A true emblem of the Camargue with its 10km of fine sand, the Espiguette beach will delight young and old. Lovers of idleness in search of a beautiful sandbox will also be able to take advantage of the refreshing temperature of the Mediterranean. Part of the beach is also reserved for naturists, in a well marked area.

Recognized as one of the most beautiful dune systems in the Mediterranean basin, this natural sand spit is unique in Europe. Thanks to its lack of construction and its accessibility, it is regularly used as a backdrop for filming, whether in the cinema or for taking photos.

As you can see, the region near Espiguette beach is a central area for spending your summer holidays in the Camargue. It is home to several of the main campsites in Le Grau du Roi, amusement parks as well as the famous site of Port Camargue.

Take a walk in the Aigues-Mortes salt flats

Like the salt lagoons that we had discovered in Mexico, the salons of Aigues-Mortes transport you to a colorful world where pink flamingos rub shoulders with salt water, with pink and purple reflections (especially in summer). An enchanting landscape that we do not expect at all to discover in the South of France.

Camargue in summer - salt marshes
Camargue in summer - Salt

Don’t waste a moment and explore these mountains of salt, on foot, by bike or even in a 4 × 4. It is also one of the places where La Baleine products are produced, which you can find in supermarkets (coarse salt, fleur de sel and fine salt).

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In the history of the town of Aigues-Mortes

After taking your eyes off the salt marshes, head for the city ​​walls (8 €). Access is free every 1st Sunday of the month, between November and March.

They literally surround the city center and offer a new perspective on the surrounding landscapes. Also consider making a passage through the Tour de Constance to gain height and discover more about the city.

Camargue in summer - Aigues Mortes fortifications

In the heart of the Camargue regional natural park

Nature lovers will be amazed in this beautiful park where the salt marshes give way to beaches and dunes, not to mention ponds and lagoons.

Numerous walking tours or cyclists roam the park to discover hidden gems. An oasis of freshness, rich in surprises to discover such as the herds of bulls with the famous Camargue horses.

Finally, a dive into the heart of history in Arles

Arles is the most populous city in the Camargue. It is over 2,500 years old and is home to incredible monuments built in Roman times such as the Antiques Theater, the bullring or the Roman cove, listed as world heritage.

Camargue in summer - Coliseum of Arles

Known in particular for its Feria which takes place in April, Arles is also a city of paradigms where proudly sits the Roman amphitheater in the heart of the city accompanied by the LUMA tower, a resolutely modern creative campus, which hosts conferences and exhibitions in the field of arts.

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And to end your discovery of the city, I recommend a stroll without any plan in the alleys of old Arles. Take the time to lose yourself in the heart of these historic districts. But also to discover the houses and ancient architecture. Or just to enjoy every moment. Arles is definitely a city where you lose track of time …

And you, what are the places in the Camargue that you want to discover? Where are you planning to spend your next summer vacation?

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