Discovery of Hopewell Rocks in the Bay of Fundy

Discovery of Hopewell Rocks in the Bay of Fundy

During our 4 days in the Bay of Fundy, we spent a day in Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park. A must see in the Bay of Fundy and New Brunswick. It is here that we realize the power of the tides for millions of years. As the tides have an important role in the life of the park, it is important to organize your visit to Hopewell Rocks well. Here’s everything you need to know about Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park.

First of all, what is Hopewell Rocks?

Located 40 km from Moncton, Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park ($ 14 per person, 2-day ticket) is one of New Brunswick’s gems. Living for millions of years to the rhythm of the Bay of Fundy tides, Hopewell Rocks is a collection of boulders and cliffs sculpted by erosion, tides, snow, ice and wind. These are the phenomena that “shaped” the reddish cliffs and iconic flowerpots of Hopewell Rocks. In the Bay of Fundy, the tides can rise 4 meters per hour and reach up to 14 meters in height. As much to say to you that the landscapes change quickly in the park of Hopewell Rocks.

Finally, you will have quickly noticed: the water is not blue here, it is brown. Chocolate more exactly. This color comes from the movement of 160 billion tons of water that mixes with the silt in the mudflats.

Consult the tide schedules to organize your discovery of Hopewell Rocks: here. the Park is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. but it remains accessible (without the car park), at your own risk, outside of these hours. Especially to admire the sunrise and / or sunset.

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Discovery of Hopewell Rocks in the Bay of Fundy

At low tide

low tide Hopewell Rocks Bay Fundy
elodie Hopewell Rocks Fundy
Hopewell Rocks Fundy Park Flowerpot
Hopewell Rocks low tide Bay Fundy

3 hours before and after the peak of low tide, it is possible to go to the foot of the cliffs and flower pots via the Fond Marin trail. A trail of about 1 km that allows you to walk on the seabed of the Bay of Fundy. Being at the level of the beach, one easily realizes the power of the tides which constantly change the rocky landscape of Hopewell Rocks. The path that begins at the Arch of Lovers and ends just before the Saillies allows you to approach in particular the rocks of the Bear, the Apple, the Elephant and the Diamond. Not to mention the many flower pots. The walk, although very muddy, is very interesting. Put on a pair of water shoes or at least not your favorite pair of shoes because they will end up all muddy. Rest assured, there are several water taps to clean them. Finally, many park rangers are present along the trail to answer questions about the bay and to monitor the rising tide.

low tide Hopewell Rocks Bay Fundy

A little further, it is on the northern beach that you will be able to observe for 4-6 weeks from mid-July, hundreds of shorebirds. Birds that come to feed before leaving to spend the winter in South America.

Finally, on the other side of the park, below the Café de la tide haute is the beach of Demoiselles. This beach is located in a quiet and sandy cove at the southern end of the park. At first glance, it is not uncommon to see white-tailed deer, moose, raccoons, foxes and even black bears from the beach. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any of this.

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At high tide

high tide Hopewell Rocks Bay Fundy

kayak park Hopewell Rocks Bay Fundy
high tide cliffs Hopewell Rocks Fundy

When the tide is high, I advise you to go to the various lookouts which allow you to gain height. But also to observe the landscape change over time. 4 belvederes are accessible: Anse aux escaliers (main belvedere of the park with its breathtaking view of the Arch of Lovers), the belvedere of the Marine Cave where eagles live, the Diamant belvedere and the Daniels belvedere. The landscape is completely different!

kayak park Hopewell Rocks Bay Fundy

kayak park Hopewell Rocks Bay Fundy
kayak park Hopewell Rocks Bay Fundy

It is also at high tide (and at medium tide) that it is possible to discover Hopewell Rocks by kayak with Baymount Outdoor Adventures ($ 70.25). This is what we did. A little less than 2 hours of double kayaking with 3 guides. Dynamic guides who know the park and the Bay of Fundy perfectly. After safety explanations and tips for good paddling, we are ready to explore by kayak Hopewell Rocks. Even though we saw the rocks and cliffs at low tide and from the lookouts, it felt like we were seeing new ones on this kayaking trip. The guides take turns giving explanations and details about the park. Finally, it is not necessary to be athletic to discover Hopewell Rocks by kayak. The pace is quiet and the breaks are numerous. What to take full advantage of the activity and the landscape.

At all times

The small Interpretation Center in the main building allows you to learn more about the park, the Bay of Fundy and geology. It also houses the High Tide Café. As well as its beautiful outdoor terrace with a splendid view as well as a souvenir shop.

Finally, note that a shuttle ($ 2 per trip) runs between the Interpretation Center and Anse aux escaliers. But the small 15 min trail is quite accessible.

Where to sleep to discover Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park?

As we were in RV while exploring Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park, we slept on in Hillsborough on the New Brunswick Railway Museum parking lot 10 km from Hopewell Rocks. This is a free car park specially designed for RVs.

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If you are by car, I advise you to stay in Hopewell Cape to be as close as possible to the park (Hopewell Rocks Where The Artisan Suites). Otherwise, it is quite possible to stay in Moncton. In this case, I advise you:

  • Capitol Robinson : a nice hotel with neat and modern decoration. Deluxe Queen Studio with private bathroom, wifi and free cancellation starting at $ 165 per night.
  • Canvas Moncton : we appreciate the spacious rooms and the industrial style of the decoration. King room with private bathroom starting at $ 189 per night with free cancellation.
  • Station 1 : crush on these suites with private bathroom and kitchenette from $ 225 per night with free cancellation.

In conclusion, my opinion on our discovery of Hopewell Rocks in the Bay of Fundy

sunset Hopewell Rocks Bay Fundy

I understand why Hopewell Rocks is considered one of New Brunswick’s gems. It is true that the arches, flower pots and cliffs are impressive. I really liked the fact that depending on the tide the landscape and the park are completely different. The kayak trip allows you to have a 3rd point of view on the park. Even though the entrance ticket is valid for 2 days, it is quite possible to visit Hopewell Rocks in one day.

And you, have you been impressed by the tides of Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park?

Next stop on our 15-day road trip in New Brunswick:

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