diversity in teams remains a myth

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New data has just come out about diversity in employment in large tech companies. They come to us from Deloitte and show that progress has been noted for several years, especially for the place of women at Apple and its competitors, but also for those of people of different skin colors.

Women, more and more present, but…

In the top 20 of the largest tech companies in the world, since 2019, the place of women is increasingly important. Only 30.8% of them worked in these firms in 2019. They are now 32.9%.

The evolution is positive, of course, but remains very small. Especially since the percentage is even lower if we look at high positions. Indeed, in what is called “technical roles”, women were 22.4% 3 years ago. This year, they are 25%. In management roles, the percentage of women increased from 21.2% to 25.3% in 3 years.

Where is Apple?

Note that Apple is above these averages. The Californian firm has 34% of women among its employees worldwide. This is 4 points better than in 2017. On the management side, we are around 30%.

We can clearly see that parity is still far from being achieved, if this objective is to be considered. We must all the same underline the progress made, because we are starting from afar: there is 87% more women in senior positions at Apple in 2022 than in 2014 !

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Women are not the only people under-represented in GAFAM, this is also the case for people with a skin color other than white. Here too, Apple is progressing, in particular for its leading positions. But is there really anything to be happy about? Where can we see that there are still years of struggle to be expected to get out of this unfair situation, with companies where nearly 7 out of 10 employees, especially for important positions, are still men, and white men.

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