Do girdles really reduce waist?

Do girdles really reduce waist?

In the market, there are thousands of products related to losing weight or shaping our bodies. However, with so many offers and options, it is common that some are not as effective as they promise to be.

In this sense, it is worth asking if the girdles fall into this category or if, instead, they are elements that really help us slim down. Here we will address this issue.

Shapewear: Useful or not?

According to an article in the Better with Health portal, there is no evidence that the girdles are useful to lose weight, and that much of what is attributed is nothing more than myths whose reality is not what appears in advertising.

It is true that there are people who perceive improvements with the use of reducing belts, but it is only a small group of people whose achievement occurs in particular circumstances, so more reducing belts are not an ideal product to lose weight.

It has also been said that reducing girdles can improve body posture, which, although it is true, it should be noted that girdles are not a miracle product, but must be included in a set of healthy postural habits.

Myths around reducing belts

Since they became commercially relevant, girdles have been the subject of myths and inaccurate advertising that has led people to have inadequate expectations around its benefits.

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It is true that the belt compensates the temperature of the area in which it is placed with the loss of liquid, but it is not liquid that is accumulated but comes from the circulatory system. In other words, the girdle does not resolve fluid retention.

On the other hand, the increase in temperature does not stimulate the destruction of fats, as has also been saying. Fat is removed when it is converted into energy for the body, which is not the case with the use of a girdle.

An alternative that can be safer and more effective than weight loss girdles is the diet and regular physical activity, but this also depends on the diet you are going to establish. In any case, you cannot place all your hopes on the belts.

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