Do I need medical tests before I start exercising?

It is known about the health benefits of exercising.

However, despite the fact that there is no doubt about the positive effects, there is a small risk if existing pathologies are unknown or the existence of a genetic load to have them.

Possible risks when starting to exercise in sedentary people

The cornerstone of pre-sports exams is the cardiovascular evaluation, since one of the reasons for conducting this type of evaluation is the probability of sudden death.

Although the probability of sudden death is very low, when it occurs it is extremely worrying.

That is why it is suggested that all people take a pre-sport evaluation before starting to exercise.

Basic studies before starting any exercise routine

It is recommended that the first tool for cardiovascular evaluation be a questionnaire that is validated for this purpose.

The American Heart Association (AHA) and the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) have proposed a pre-participation questionnaire, a physical fitness questionnaire and the Systematic Coronary Risk Evaluation (SCORE). In addition, of course, a detailed medical history carried out by the doctor.

Another basic study in the US, for example, is the resting electrocardiogram, which shows how efficiently your heart works at rest.

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These studies will help identify risks that can save your life.

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Other studies

In other European Union countries, such as Italy, for example, people who are going to exercise undergo a broader battery of studies, ranging from those mentioned above to studies such as Stress Test, Echocardiogram and Magnetic Resonance.

No matter how large or small the battery of studies you carry out before starting to exercise, the important thing is that you always go to a health professional to verify that you are not running any risk by doing the exercise that you like the most.

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