Do iPads need an M-series processor to grow?

Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 4 test

Released in November of this year 2020, the M1 processor is Apple’s first computer chip. Installed in its Mac mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, it delivers performance never before seen on a Mac and outperforms most computers on the market. All this, without having raised the selling prices of the various products which are equipped with them.

Since then, some competitors have been thinking of copying Apple’s “miracle” method. Microsoft wishes in this direction to develop its own “house” chip. In this sense, rumors are starting to bloom on the future of this Apple Silicon project and this new series of processors, the M series for the moment reserved for Macs. With a new iMac Pro, and why not, a 14-inch MacBook Pro, in the first months of 2021. But according to some rumors, the M1 chip, and the M series in general, could be of greater interest to Apple products.

IPad Pro with an M rather than A chip?

Indeed, according to an unconfirmed report, the M series could equip the next iPad Pro. This would be a logical development for Apple tablets which, before the release of the Mac M1s, increasingly questioned the legitimacy of a laptop in everyday use. The release of the Magic Keyboard had for some sealed the future of MacBooks intended to be products of yesterday rather than tomorrow. These would for some irremediably be replaced by the iPad, lighter, more practical.

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But the last few months have shown that Apple customers are not yet ready to switch from a computer to a tablet for their “work” use. With the pandemic and the proliferation of telecommuting, MacBook sales hit record highs, saving Apple’s year. The iPads, which could have been the big winners this year, were ultimately relegated to a supporting role.

For the tablet to be better regarded, it still needs to evolve. For example, with support for an M-series processor rather than the A-series chips (designed for mobile), which currently equip the iPad. Today, the latest A-series chip seen on the iPad Pro reaches a single-core score of 4650. The M1 chip almost doubles this result (7315). The arrival of an iPad Pro with an M chip should allow Apple tablets to take a new step, and possibly reach new customers.

Apple iPad Pro 4 12.9 “128 GB

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