Do iPhone owners drive worse than Android owners?


In modern sociological studies, involvement in the technological world is an increasingly important factor. A person comfortable with these new technologies will not have the same social behaviors as a person who is not, even if the two are of the same age or the same sex.

But while this nuance is not yet very well explained by the scientific community, certain studies attempt to find parallels, more or less viable, between the world of new technologies and our daily lives.

This is how the Jerry Insurance Service conducted a major survey to answer this existential question that has been plaguing the human mind for years: “Do iPhone owners drive worse than those with an Android phone?” »

If at first glance one might think that the link between the operating system used by his mobile phone and his level of driving are two things that have nothing to do (like pineapple and pizza), the study does not doesn’t seem to agree.

Having an iPhone means driving less carefully

Indeed, the latter is based on the movements of more than 20,000 people, having traveled a total distance of 8 million kilometres. And according to Jerry, the results leave little room for doubts and other interpretations.

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The insurance company explains that drivers who own an Android drive better on all the points studied. They were safer behind the wheel, slower, but they also cornered better and braked more safely.

Jerry’s study goes even further and breaks the established logic that tries to demonstrate a style of driving based on the standard of living. Indeed, married people, graduates and fathers or mothers, are more careful drivers than single people who have never had a secondary school diploma, and yet the study calls everything into question on this point.

According to the study, people who own an Android and who have never graduated from high school drive better than iPhone owners with a doctorate. A statistical and sociological anomaly.

A real difference in behavior?

But these results could nevertheless have a kernel of truth. Far from being a random choice, the purchase of a telephone is an act extremely thought out by the human brain, and numerous studies tend to show that overall, people who buy Android telephones are more conscientious than those who who choose the latest iPhone.

Apple customers would thus be more emotional and much more impulsive than others. Character traits that are never very good behind the wheel, where reflection and analysis are privileged.

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