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Do not get what you do not mind


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They say that “he who does not listen to advice does not grow old” … How many times has someone repeated this to you, from your grandmother to anyone you just met? And it is true, the advice is very good but not all those who advise are.

Tips are like pores; Everyone has many! And it is that people love to give their opinion for several reasons: to appear wise, to convince you that they know what is best for you, and of course, so that you can see that they care about you.

Some have a bad habit of giving unsolicited advice. There is nothing more irritating than hearing these words: “listen to me, I’m going to tell you what to do …”, especially when you haven’t asked for an opinion. In those moments you would like to say to him: “Do not get into what you do not care about”

Advising in a profession so common that many do it but very few know how to do it well. Therefore, keep in mind three types of people from whom you should never let yourself be advised:

Number one: from someone who has not been able to solve his own problems (because he has not known how to give himself good advice!). Who does not have stability in his life, will not be able to help you with yours. Number two: that one has not been through your same situation.

This is, for example, the case of a woman who does not have children and wants to tell her friend how to raise children, unless she is a therapist who specializes in children, And finally, never listen to the advice of who could benefit directly or indirectly from the advice he gives you: can you imagine asking a man who shows interest, if you should leave the boyfriend you currently have?

When asking for advice, remember that no one knows more than you about your issues, and IT IS YOU — and not the one who gave you the advice — who will have to face the consequences of your decision. Therefore, always listen to the advice of someone who knows a lot, but above all, someone who loves you very much.

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