Do not update to macOS Monterey!


Many consumers report major bugs after installing Monterey on their Mac. One of them simply prevents the computer from being used, which can no longer even be turned on! If this news sounds familiar to you, it’s normal: already with macOS Big Sur, the same kind of incident spread to many early users.

The testimonies evoke several scenarios. On Twitter, we are talking about a MacBook Air from early 2015 that starts correctly but ends up shutting down after five minutes. A second example This time, details how a MacBook crashes completely, having forced its buyer to reset it three times. We can also present the misadventure recounted by the following member, for his part equipped with an iMac, a recently renewed all-in-one desktop model:

Memory too

According to MacRumors who was able to compile additional reports in this direction, the 2021 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros are also affected, in particular by a bug that crashes certain apps. The official reason, according to the system? Too much memory allocated to certain processes… Up to 26 GB for the Control Center! In other words, completely unreasonable figures, which is more when we know that the recent M1 chips are precisely supposed to combine performance and energy savings.

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Other apps are also targeted by Internet users’ complaints, such as the Mozilla Firefox browser or its Safari equivalent. Even proper cleaning with CleanMyMac X would not be enough to repair the damage. Here they are both devices with Intel processor that are targeted and those with M1 under the hood.

Some tips to avoid such inconvenience

As we regularly recommend to you, it is more than strongly recommended to do not perform updates offered by Apple as soon as they are released. Indeed, although the beta testing program is precisely there to avoid possible drawbacks like those mentioned above, it still happens that certain errors or security breaches slip through the cracks. Individuals are then the first to be affected, sometimes even on machines which are only a few months old.

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