Do you eat easily ?, Tips to “hold” spicy food

Do you eat easily ?, Tips to "hold" spicy food

Sweat, tears, runny nose, red face, and burning sensation In your mouth there may be reactions you experience when eating spicy foods. We give you some tips to put into practice when you eat chili.

Your reactions are because the capsaicin in chili peppers stimulates receptors that respond to heat and pain, your brain receives the signal and seeks to cool your body.

As you consume more spicy foods, you will develop resistance to some of its effects.

Eat slowly

Wait your mouth cool a littleIf you take one bite of capsaicin after another without giving up the effects, the sensation of heat and burning will increase. Slow down when eating spicy, so you keep a constant quantity tolerable capsaicin.

Relax, enjoy and savor the food.

Eat or drink dairy and acids

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Dairy products are your allies if you’re chilled, they have compounds that can bind to capsaicin in the mouth, turn them off and remove them from the mouth. If you don’t have milk, try a tablespoon of yogurt, cottage cheese or even ice cream.

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He coconut water or coconut milk, although they are not dairy too help.

Do you eat easily ?, Tips to "hold" spicy food
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Lemons, limes, oranges, pineapples and strawberries They can help reduce the itchy sensation and cool quickly.

Put out the fire with something very cold

Do you eat easily ?, Tips to "hold" spicy food
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He ice numbs nerves from the mouth. A refreshing dessert like Frozen yogurt can help with discomfort.

Water or beer does not diminish the sensation

Do you eat easily ?, Tips to "hold" spicy food

The Capsaicin in peppers is not soluble in water. Wine or beer don’t help much because they are mainly water. A drink of vodka or tequila will be more effective.

Eat some starch

Do you eat easily ?, Tips to "hold" spicy food
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Bread, omelette flour, rice or potatoes help absorb some of the capsaicin and they interrupt the intensity of the heat.


Do you eat easily ?, Tips to "hold" spicy food
Photo: Pxhere

Don’t just eat the sugar, leave a sugar cube on your tongue. Also try a milk chocolate.

Gradually increase the consumption of chili

Do you eat easily ?, Tips to "hold" spicy food
Jicama with chili: Photo: Beethoak / Pixabay

The more spicy food you eat, the more resistance you will have to its effects. When you repeatedly expose your tongue to capsaicin, calcium ions begin to close the door on receptors that send out pain signals.

Start by putting a little chili in the tomato sauce and gradually increase the level of spiciness in the food.


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