Do you want to be a programmer? Coinbase trains you and hires you for $ 8,000

Do you want to be a programmer?  Coinbase trains you and hires you for $ 8,000

Key facts:
  • Coinbase launches a free course with the Onramp school on fullstack programming.

  • Those who complete the course may enter the company to work with a salary greater than USD 8,000.

Coinbase, an exchange company for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, issued an announcement that may interest all those who want to work as a programmer. The company opened a fullstack training program in order to recruit those who successfully complete the course.

The announcement it is open to interested parties from anywhere in the world. Both the course and the work is 100% remote and they are in English. That is, you could do it from your home or anywhere you are, as long as you have a computer, an internet connection and you know the language.

Something that stands out is that It is not necessary to have previous studies on programming or work experience in the profession to be able to enroll and be hired. The performance of each interested party will only be evaluated during the preparation process, which was created together with Onramp, a technical school aimed at job opportunities.

Do you want to be a programmer? Coinbase trains you and hires you for $ 8,000
Those who complete the course will be able to obtain a job with a salary greater than USD 8,000. Source:

Coinbase course guarantees a job in the company as a programmer

The program provides training on the main technologies, languages ​​and design patterns that will be necessary to use on the job. Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase promises that after completing the preparation, the applicant “will be ready to start working on his first day with his new team.”

In principle, all those who complete the first part of the training are automatically hired as interns. They pay USD 50 per hour of work. Once the total learning period is over, They will have the opportunity to access a full-time job, which would have a salary above USD 8,000.

Coinbase aims for candidates to have the ability to learn, teamwork, communication, proactivity, and resourcefulness. Regarding more technical aspects, There are no exclusive requirements, but certain previous knowledge could facilitate the training process.

Some of the aspects that could make understanding easier is knowing a little about object-oriented programming, design, typescript, REST APIs or GraphQL APIs, Git and GitHum, and MongoDB.

Currently, this exchange of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is taking actions to continue growing, such as sponsoring the NBA, as reported by CriptoNoticias. This explains why you need to expand your staff and train your future employees with the specific tools that the company needs. In fact, he assures that “the training plan addresses all the important skills necessary to be hired.”

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