Doctors and Researchers Highlight What’s Wrong with the Watch

Apple Watch Series 7

Several health professionals were able to discuss with the Financial Times, expressing their opinion about the performance of the Apple Watch. The device is indeed regularly praised by critics for its strengths in the field. In particular, it allows you to measure your physical activity, detect falls yes still to record EKGs – depending on the model.

It turns out that although most of the respondents noted the connected potential of the device, its accuracy and its overall user experience, one thing is missing. It’s about a integration with specialized establishments, whose equipment unfortunately does not evolve at the same speed. In short, it has machines that are not very ergonomic compared to mainstream products and are totally unsuitable for communication with them.

When innovation faces administration

Hospital technology, considered to be archaic when Shruthi Mahalingaiah of Harvad compares it to the Watch, would thus be responsible for a measured failure of certain promises displayed by the watch. Because although it is indeed capable of recording a lot of essential data for a quality follow-up, few firms have to date made the effort to receive them. There are many serious studies on the subject, but the practice is far from being democratized.

It is true that many patients going to their practitioner with their wearable find themselves in a dead end. We see that some people face a Wi-Fi network whose access is denied to them, when it is not the specialists who simply do not know how to activate Bluetooth on their computer or when the issue of confidentiality comes into play. In France, the example of DMP is a glaring case.

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A daring marketing argument?

Speaking of the news Apple Watch Series 7, its manufacturer specifies: “it’s a real feat for a portable device, which allows you to transmit crucial data to your doctor and bring you absolute peace of mind“. The reality is therefore quite different, Dr. Richard Milani explaining for example that most of his colleagues are not up to date.

Apple may not be the one to blame after all. But it’s hard to imagine that clinics and other laboratories will one day be able to trade the paperwork and strategies of the last century for fluid processes that are accessible to all.

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