Does Belinda diet? Learn about the singer’s diet

Does Belinda diet? Learn about the singer's diet

Belinda She is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and talented celebrities of today, she has not only developed as an actress and singer, but also dabbled in fashion as a model and designer. And many have wondered how she manages to maintain a heart attack physique.

Far from what you would think, the singer does not follow a rigorous diet because he assures that his secret is exercise and from time to time eat healthy. This was revealed in an interview she had with Gustavo Adolfo Indante for The minute my destiny changed, where the singer revealed that her diet it is not the most recommended.

“For what an obese person should be like,” the singer confessed in the interview recorded in 2017. Beli said that ate everything and he did not sacrifice his meals. However he made it very clear that he exercises dailyIt is something that always has to be present in your life.

On the other hand he did not stop remembering that you always have to eat healthy from time to time and his favorite foods for this are fish, chicken and well-loaded salads, since he does not like to go hungry. The truth is that this can be surprising because in your Instagram photos she shows off a sensational figure, there is no doubt that whenever I want I would like to be able to eat as much and stay this slim.

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