Does chicken soup work as a medicine to improve defenses?

Does chicken soup work as a medicine to improve defenses?

Experts Point to Three Reasons That Make Chicken Soup Good for the Sick

There are many traditional remedies, infusions, or foods that are popularly considered as immune system stimulants. They are used to prevent diseases and even to accelerate healing.

When we feel bad, the food frequently recommended is Chicken Soup. Whether it is from a common cold, an infection in the respiratory tract, in the stomach, during recovery from surgery, or an illness. Chicken soup and broth have been singled out as a food that we comfort and even promotes recovery.

Does chicken soup help you heal?

Although there is no scientific evidence that chicken soup accelerates recovery, it is a food with the characteristics that your body needs.

“By breaking down its ingredients, it seems like a remedy worth trying”, points out the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and highlights three aspects:

  • It is light and nice for the stomach when you don’t have much of an appetite.
  • Provides liquids and electrolytes to prevent dehydration, which can easily occur with fever.
  • A traditional chicken soup recipe provides several nutrients involved in the immune system: protein and zinc from chicken, vitamin A from carrots, vitamin C from celery and onions; and antioxidants from onions and herbs.
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Although it is not a medicine, the soup of the food is not everything for the proper functioning of our immune system, it is one of the factors that it can help or weaken it.

When there is no good diet and if you do not eat foods that provide the necessary nutrients that the body needs, the production, and activity of immune cells and antibodies can be affected. We are more vulnerable to bacteria, viruses, harmful parasites, and diseases.

HSPH notes that there is little individual foods are likely to offer special protection. We need many micronutrients that we acquire in a varied and healthy diet.

Among the nutrients that have been identified as being substantial for the growth and proper functioning of immune cells are vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, selenium, iron, and protein (including the amino acid glutamine), which we can obtain from plant and animal food.

Just as their foods that provide us with nutrients that favor our defenses, there are others that they can weaken it. Alcohol and foods or drinks with a lot of added sugar affect you in a short time.

Studies show that between two hours and five hours after having 4 to 5 drinks, the immune systems become less active than when you’re sober.

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Seeking a balanced diet is one of the aspects to take care of to maintain our shield. Sleep enough (7 to 9 hours), manage stress, perform some kind of exercise, avoid smoking, not consuming alcohol in excess, and maintaining clean hands are actions that contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system.

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