Does the covid-19 vaccine affect the length of the menstrual cycle?

¿La vacuna contra el covid-19 repercute en la duración del ciclo menstrual?

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An investigation published this week, which constitutes one of the first studies to look at whether the covid-19 vaccine affects menstrual periods in any way, showed that there is a small and temporary change.

The study was made from a tracking six menstrual cycles of nearly 4,000 women in the United States. Threw that, From the injection, the next cycle took an average of one day, but showed no change in the days of menstrual bleeding.

Alison Edelman, a Ph.D. from Oregon Health and Sciences University, who led the research, found that the finding is “very reassuring”, adding that it is important to inform women of this.

The expert says that one theory is that when the immune system is accelerated at certain times of the cycle, “Our biological clock, or what controls the menstrual cycle, can be disturbed.”

The Edelman team’s follow-up was helped by an app created by the FDA, which allows women to track their menstrual cycles to identify when they are most likely to become pregnant.

The National Institutes of Health funds several studies to respond to multiple reports from women who claim they had menstrual changes after the vaccine, such as irregular periods.

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Menstrual cycles may present slight variations from one month to another; This is normal, as they can be due to factors such as diet, stress and even physical activity.

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