Does the Galaxy S21 Ultra have a better camera than the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

iPhone 12 Pro Max

The issue of camera quality has been at the center of much debate for several years. It is therefore logical to come and compare the iPhone 12 Pro Max to its direct competitor on Android, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which acts as a new challenger against the camera of the iPhone 12.

The phone of the Korean manufacturer has just arrived on the market for a few weeks, and presents a real quality of photos. With lenses in addition to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung’s phone has a definite advantage over zoom. But that’s not all, far from it.

The site specialized around the Apple MacRumors has therefore conducted a most comprehensive comparison, passing, one by one, all the possible photo modes (portrait, wide angle, harmful mode …) to have the best possible rendering of the capabilities of two phones. The result is right here: the photos marked with an A were taken with the Apple phone, those with a B are therefore from the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, both have not been retouched.

© Macrumors

There are quite a few differences between the two phones on their portrait mode, the most successful according to Macrumors for each of the devices. On the other hand, regarding the night mode (or even below) Apple seems to be taking a step ahead, with better color management. The objectives of Samsung are not to blame, however, the problem indeed comes from the software. The latter tends to add heat to the images, which gives it a slightly orange tint that is not present in reality.

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On the contrary, the iPhone draws more on a cold blue green which, either, does not exist. The perfect photo is therefore in the middle, but leans more towards the Apple than the Korean phone.

iPhone 12 Pro Max night mode vs Galaxy S21 ultra

© Macrumors

All the images taken by Macrumors during their comparison can be found in his YouTube video made for the occasion.

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