Donnarumma doesn’t feel guilty about being eliminated against Madrid

Donnarumma no se siente culpable de la eliminación ante el Madrid

Gianluigi Donnarumma, PSG goalkeeper, granted an interview to AFP in which he talked about the tie against Real Madrid, in which he was directly involved in the elimination due to his mistake with Benzema, and the competition with Keylor Navas. The Italian goalkeeper does not feel guilty for having fallen against the whites and he hopes that the Parisians will solve the competition problem soon.

The goal was not valid, but we could have managed it better. We know how it happened, I’m not guilty of anything. Now we have to look forward, what’s past is past, we can’t do anything else. Just play the Champions League again soon and show everyone who we are“, recognized Donnarumma regarding the elimination against Real Madrid.

Photo by Donnarumma

Regarding the competition with Keylor Navas, he added: “I think it probably won’t happen that way, because I think the club will make decisions. I have a very good relationship with Keylor, we are two good guys, we understand the situation, but it has been hard, and for him too, but let’s say that we have gotten along well, with the whole group and especially between the two of us”.


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