Doomed to catastrophe! George Clooney suffers from flooding at his luxurious mansion

¡Condenada a la catástrofe! George Clooney sufre con las inundaciones en su lujosa mansión

George and Amal Clooney suffer from the floods at their mansion in England.

Photo: Elisabetta Villa / Getty Images

The rainy season has become a real headache for George and Amal clooney, because it is frequent that its imposing mansion in Berkshire, England, is flooded by the overflow of the Thames River.

The most recent flood occurred a few days ago because of the storm Christoph, which affected the green areas, the swimming pool and the sports fields of the luxurious property that was bought by the couple, in an undisclosed figure, in September 2014.

After the acquisition they focused on making some improvements, being until 18 months later, in 2016, that they could finally enjoy it in the company of their two twins, Her and Alexander.

The mansion, whose current value is around $ 16,500,000 dollars, was built in the 17th century and is commonly known as Aberlash house.

It is located on the banks of the River Thames, so it has enviable views, but everything changes when it overflows, as happened recently, as well as, in February 2020, with the storm Dennis.

Fortunately, the construction has been safe from flooding, since it is located in an elevated area, contrary to the amenities, which are frequently under water.

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