Dr. Carlos Jaramillo: “Own your health”

El Dr. Carlos Jaramillo invita a tomar las riendas de su salud.

Dr. Carlos Jaramillo has become known for a comprehensive approach to the incessant health problems caused by the lousy diets we eat today, full of artificial substances and little knowledge about what really makes us sick.

On the occasion of his recent visit to Los Angeles to promote his second book What (Planeta, 629 pages, also available as an eBook) and after the success of The metabolic miracleJaramillo spoke about his mission and why we all need to take control of our own nutrition to heal and lead better lives.

Dr. Carlos Jaramillo: "Own your health"
Dr. Carlos Jaramillo is a functional physician and nutrition specialist.

What is the big difference between both books?
The metabolic miracle it is especially focused on solving a problem….if cardiovascular or cardio-cerebro-metabolic disease is the first cause of death in the world, then I have an opportunity to correct it or turn it around. But what happens if I don’t have metabolic problems or if I had them and no longer have them, do I have to continue eating like this?

There are those who thought that my proposal was The metabolic miracle And that’s not true. So I said, well, if nutrition is so important to me, well, I’m going to write a guide with useful tools so that anyone can begin to take ownership of their diet and can learn at any time in their lives. It doesn’t matter if you are 70 years old or 17. It doesn’t matter if you want to exercise, if you want to be vegan or vegetarian…the answer is there. It is a nutritional guide that combines many currents and solutions and, above all, explains how to make food a great ally for my life.

Latinos eat very poorly, like our parents and with an unbalanced diet….

We believe that we eat the same as our grandparents and that is not true because they did not spend their time taking food out of packages. Nor do we eat the same potato and cassava because they were not transgenic. The other thing is that they did not eat anything ultra-processed.
Unfortunately, in Latin countries, ultra-processed food has become an aspiration and the person without resources does not send their child to school with water because it may be a sign that they do not have money but they send him instead with a ‘yogurt’ that it’s a diluted milk, treated with artificial coloring, sugar and artificial flavor and she thinks that ‘yogurt’ is a good thing. That is a problem of conscience, not even of food.

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And how do you change that?

We have to remind people that we have been on this planet for too many years and surely we will last for others. We have a reductionist version and we think that food is something of the last 100 years. We forget that we can take the ancestral model and bring it up to date but adapt technology to it, not to modify it, but to learn how it can be balanced and balanced and maintain it knowing what a protein is, what a fat is, which ones are yes and which ones are not, which ones are the quantities and what is better.

The main thing is that we should be consuming food without labels, food that does not come out of packages and jars and things that have minimal processing or processing at home, like coffee, which is processed because nobody has red beans that are dried in the house, but different from a margarine that is modified and goes through processes of overheating, pressure, solvents, deodorizers, flavor enhancers, more heating, solvents to remove the oils and then hydrogenation to end up in margarine, that is a ‘Frankenstein’ and I love it. They sell it as a cholesterol-free paste, but for that reason it is not healthy.

Every once in a while there is a new trend that is like a kind of fashion in the world of food and as you mentioned in your books years ago fat was a terrible thing now fat is a friend, where is the problem ?

I believe that what is not necessary is to fall into extremes; an extreme diet whether it is vegetarianism, veganism, carnivory, paleo, keto… for whatever reason, this does not mean that it is correct. It does not mean that the foundation is applicable to everyone. If one starts from the basis of a well-balanced omnivore, one can begin to deviate a little and say, for example, I want to be a vegetarian, but I am going to do it well. Ancestrally we have always been omnivores… but we have to understand why I eat, what I eat, what not, at what times yes and learn to balance and know what is the benefit it has on my health, without extremes or anything… I can’t pass from a diet that I do not control to being a vegan and saying: I am going to remove the animals from my life out of compassion, which seems great to me if you want to do it that way, but you have to know that when making that decision you have to put a lot of understanding into What you are doing.

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But people say they don’t have time… what do you say to those who need a better diet but don’t know how to do it.

Today we compete against social networks, against Netflix, against the sofa at home, against video games… the day will never have 25 hours and then one will not have time. One makes the time; take out the time If you don’t have time to eat, prioritize your life or illness will make you find the time.

That’s not the angle that doctors… it’s always the pill for the problem. How did you come to those conclusions?

I worked for many years in clinical nutrition and on the side of surgery and then I found the path of functional medicine that caught my attention and seems to me a way out, an approach to understanding the disease, not from the consequence but correcting from the problem. , which seemed great to me, understanding habits as a great pillar and applying science to them….

After studying in the US and working in Colombia I began to have waiting times [para los pacientes] very long… and I understood that I wanted to transmit part of that to the general public and I gave up the ego of believing that I was the one who improved the patients. I don’t improve anyone at all.

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But it is a channel for that information to reach them…

As it is. I give you the information and you decide if you incorporate it. I have personal consultation with patients with whom I have been working for almost ten years and with whom something very nice happens: someone I started treating five years ago and I taught him how to correct his gastritis tells me, “hey doc, since I don’t have gastritis now I want to start exercising because I wasn’t able to before, I want you to accompany me to increase my muscle mass” and they end up coming every six months.

What do you want to achieve with your visit?

I work with a very great purpose and it is to leave you this message and this is the option that I have seen: that the greatest transformation in health is when you become the owner of your health; not me. Your health health is yours, I am the guide and I accompany you, but the owner and the person in charge is you. The great “miracles” are when people own it. If I can give you that information so that your health can be transformed, I want to plant that for you.

My professional purpose is to give people the possibility to raise their level of consciousness so that they become owners of their lives, to give you that possibility and to give you the tools, and if you choose to see them, to show you how you can use them.

What do you think is the success of your message reaching people…

I believe that making it accessible, that is to say, easy to understand… there is an accessible message where you, whether you are a journalist, architect or engineer, can say, well, I am not a doctor but I understand that and I am capable of incorporating it into my life. It is about creating a community and that every day more people want to raise their level of consciousness, that is what is most needed.

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