Dr. René Sotelo represents hope for the Hispanic patient in Los Angeles

Doctor René Sotelo, urólogo, oncólogo y profesor de USC en Los Ángeles.

Rene Sotelo is a latino urologist doctor. A true authority in the field of robotic and laparoscopic surgery whose techniques have been replicated throughout the world. He is the author of four books, a researcher and a pedagogue. A professional worthy of admiration not only for his achievements in scientific matters but also for his human quality. He is almost a movie star in Hollywood because he resides in the city of The Angelsbut it is certainly much more than that: hope for the Hispanic patient with prostate and penile cancer in the United States.

Dr Rene Sotelo he dedicated himself to urology for love. This is what she confessed during this in this exclusive interview with The opinion. He fell in love with this branch of medicine after following a colleague who later dropped out, but left the passion for this specialty to him. Becoming over the years one of the most important Hispanic doctors in the United States.

The Dr Soteloas he is known on social networks, graduated as a doctor in Venezuela more than 20 years ago. But unbelievably they only have 6 living in the city of The Angelswhere he is already highly recognized both in the medical, student, and artistic guild of the city. Rene Sotelo He has attended several well-known personalities but who, due to the ethical secrecy of his profession, he prefers not to mention.

It all started when during a barbecue to which he was invited in New York City by Arthur Smith, the founder of one of the Societies of Urology Most important in the world. There she received the first proposal to travel to the United States to work. At that time he did not take it as something formal, because he had no studies in this country. He was unaware that, due to his credentials and sharpness in the operating technique, which is recognized by his extraordinary ability in the field of medicine, he could endorse his career here by opting for a special skills license. of the.

The news of that proposal slipped among his colleagues. In the interim and to his surprise, Dr. Smith’s group was not the only one interested in his work and in bringing him to the United States, as they received another proposal. This time from the University of Southern California (USC), which was the one that finally prompted him to make the final decision to agree to start the paperwork for his move. The process took a year. At that time he had to demonstrate his extraordinary ability and then, with the license granted by the state of California approved, apply for the O1 Visa that was issued immediately.

Although Rene Sotelo he was not completely convinced, he initially decides to stay for two years in the United States. His international career had already taken off long before. He frequently traveled around the world giving lectures, developing a pedagogical work that led him to form teams and establish technologies in other countries of the region and hold consultations in several Latin American capitals. He finally settles The Angels.

The Dr Sotelo came to the United States with an impressive professional endorsement, but it was like any other immigrant: make yourself known in the scientific community of the city, personally take care of your domestic tasks and start from scratch with your family. He confessed to feeling depressed for a long time. He used the GPS because he was not interested in learning the directions since he: “only came for two years”. During that time and as until now, he continues to travel to Venezuela constantly, where he cares for patients of any socioeconomic level in the urology unit that bears his name at the Santa Paula Medical Center in the city of Caracas.

Currently and thanks to its dense pedagogical activity, the Dr Sotelo is developing the programMusic for Medicine” an initiative in which he brought together patients and musician friends in an event designed to finance the young Latin American doctors of the future. Thus, these students and future doctors can come to train and then achieve credentials for their residences in high-level universities around the world.

Music for Medicine” aims to raise funds for all this educational activity, grant scholarships and carry out education campaigns for patients. Audiovisual material is currently being prepared in which the project will be formally presented, where the aim is to raise awareness among those who can collaborate financially to develop the social work promoted by the Dr. Rene Soteloaimed at the community and the education of young doctors.

Until now, the Venezuelan Rene Sotelo does not perform sex reassignment operations. He attends to some complications derived from these procedures, but is of the opinion that medicine and science must be at the service of people. In this particular case, of those who suffer because they were born in a body that does not identify them. Consider that living in a city like The Angelshas allowed him to normalize situations that in his country of origin are still mostly taboo.

About Venezuela expresses that the economic situation has undoubtedly improved, that people have access to insert themselves into the economic environment today. He believes that, although the political panorama is not yet sufficiently clear, Venezuela is a country with a great future. He, as a doctor, does not see colors. Before the question, he told us that he never attended the former president Hugo Chavez. At some point the name of Dr. Sotelo came to light during the former president’s illness. However, in his work as a doctor, he has treated very powerful people linked to the Venezuelan Government, as well as opposition figures in that country. He has never received the offer to preside over hospitals, nor the health portfolio of his country of origin.

He always wanted to be the director of the Domingo Luciani hospital located in the capital, Caracas. One of the most important facilities of the Venezuelan public health system. There he was part of the socio-hospital board. He privatized the parking lots and carried out impeccable management as a resident doctor in said health center.

The doctor Sotelo he is definitely a community leader Hispanic in Los Angeles. He confessed that as a child he wanted to be president and believes that, from political positions, much can be done for the people.

Outside of medicine, Rene Sotelo is linked to multiple altruistic tasks in Venezuela. Collaborate in different ways with the development of projects. For example, in the city of Mérida, it supports an organization that is responsible for recycling metals to make horseshoes, which in turn serve as a means of transportation in farming areas.

It carries medical-surgical material that it donates directly to hospitals and others it takes to foundations of known origin to ensure that the donation ends up in the best hands. His commitment to science and service has led him on occasion to finance certain surgical procedures. It is not something he does systematically, but he has decided to do it in cases where he has preferred to preserve the lives of his patients.

The doctor. Sotelo wants to make the community aware of the issue of penis cancer. A very serious condition that the vast majority of people are unaware of. Its incidence is greater in the latin community than in the American community.

René Sotelo has operated on more than 4,000 prostate cancer patients and has participated in many other surgeries in different countries. Among his next plans is the production of a medical education television program for the Hispanic community in the United States.

Artists like Carlos Vives, Eugenio Derbez, Jose Luis Rodriguez, Edgar Ramirez Y Gustavo Dudamel have recommended his work as a doctor. Sotelo bets on marketing through art and artists. He considers that these figures have loyalty because their followers and fans are genuine and have the power to communicate and reach more people.

His message to men who have not visited a urologist is that they do not know what they are exposing themselves to and reminds them that: “An early diagnosis can prevent future complications.”

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