Drawing to strengthen parent-child ties

Drawing to strengthen parent-child ties

Gaëlle, from the site “Drawing for children”Has been a designer since her childhood and a professional illustrator. She is also the mother of 3 boys aged 7, 10 and 11. and invites you to discover how to use the drawing to strengthen the parent-child bonds.

What if drawing wasn’t just another creative activity, but a way for children to spend quality time with their mom or dad?

Between work, shopping and extra-curricular activities, it is sometimes difficult to sit down for a moment and find the time to spend even 10 or 15 minutes to be with your child. Be with him here and now, without the phone calls or notifications around. Not to mention the growing appeal of screens and video games that lock our young children in a digital parallel world.

What if there was an alternative to all of this? A solution that would reconcile creativity, proactivity and complicity?

How about drawing with him? Here are 3 good reasons to get started!

1. Drawing increases the bond with your children

We have days that are too often full … Work, homework and obligations take up all our time and we sometimes forget to spend just a moment with our children. Being a mom and working from home as a freelance graphic designer, I was the first to do this sort of thing.

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But when we take out paper, pencils and my smartphone to film us (see our YouTube videos here), time stops and we have a great time together. We discuss, we laugh and we share a creative activity, far from video games and cleaning to do.

No competition or dominant-dominated role, we are all at the same level. It is also one of the concepts of Montessori pedagogy, to put oneself at the same height as the child to join him.

I always congratulate my boys for their drawing and I often put forward the particularities: “Wow, you used lots of color for your rainbow !!! Oh, your horse has long legs, he can run quickly and go very far like that! “. With every positive comment I see, I see a smile on his face. And that’s how we become more complicit.

strengthen parent-child ties through drawing

2. Sharing an activity together allows you to get to know you better

Spending a moment of bonding with your children will automatically bring you closer to each other and will allow you to get to know you better. I take my case because I often use drawing to have a good time with my own children.

For example, my big boy is very calm and collected, and it shows in his drawing. He takes all his time and it doesn’t matter if there is no shadow or reflection, he is happy that way.

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My second, him, goes very fast and his coloring reflects his personality.

My last one is a bit between the two. He really likes drawing with me and at 7 years old, he built his world with this activity: lots of cats everywhere and diamonds around, a real delight when I listen to him to tell his drawing!

Do not hesitate to ask him questions and to enter his imaginary world, they like a lot when you are interested in them. A bit like us elsewhere ☺

strengthen the parent-child relationship with the drawing

3. Drawing helps channel your child’s attention and increases concentration

This is one of the benefits of drawing, which is undoubtedly not negligible in a world where our attention is stimulated from all sides.

To perfect his drawing, your child’s sense of observation will be used to its fullest, which will increase his concentration and channel his attention to what he is drawing.

“How to draw a tree leaf? Oh, but there are a lot of ribs going from the base.

And in autumn, it is warm colors that must be used and so as to make gradients! “.

The obligations are far away at this time, a bit like a walk in the forest where we observe the beauty of nature.

In short, drawing will be a calm and relaxing moment to share with the family and will become a delight to enjoy. I say this knowingly, because with my 3 boys, I dare to say that it is very much alive at home!

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As you can see, drawing is an activity with countless benefits that unfortunately we cannot cover exhaustively in this article.

Nevertheless, I hope I have encouraged you to take this quality time with your children.

It doesn’t take much to bond with them: a sheet of paper, pencils or markers and you have entered the wonderful world of your children’s overflowing imagination!

If you don’t have an idea, don’t know how to draw, or just don’t know how to go about it, I’ve created a site with free videos and drawing notebooks to help you and your child through the unforgettable adventure of drawing (http://www.dessinpourenfant.com).

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