Drinking coffee improves short-term memory

Drinking a cup of coffee a day helps short-term memory. For example, drinking coffee while studying makes it easier for you to remember information.

In some diets, coffee consumption is restricted because it is irritating to the stomach and in others because of its caffeine content.

However, many people tolerate it well and some research has even shown that drinking coffee has many benefits, including that it helps memory. It can even help prolong life, along with other lifestyle factors.

  • Coffee would delay the progression of Alzheimer’s

If you want to memorize data, have a cup of coffee

If you have to memorize a series of facts, drinking a cup of coffee helps you remember them in the short term.

Drink coffee when studying for an exam for example or to remember information that you will need to remember soon.

Health benefits of drinking coffee

– Keeps you in a state of alert.

-Improves attention and wakefulness and can facilitate learning.

-Decreases fatigue by increasing the level of alertness.

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-Improves performance for concentration work. For example, in an exam, it helps reduce fatigue.

-Improves concentration on the main task.

-Helps to process information from books or lessons.

-Exercise memory.

How to improve memory

Many people stop memorizing data.
They use from an agenda in which they write down everything or make use of technology to record data. Little by little they leave behind this powerful ability to memorize.

The brain is an extremely complex organ, in which memory has enormous potential. Exercise your memory. Here are some tips:

-Memorize important data or that you use constantly, such as phone numbers, streets, names, passwords, among others, since you will more than recover the time invested that you generally use in looking for information.

Get good eating, exercise and sleep habits

– Maintain a complete and varied diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. These are a source of vitamins and minerals that will help you in your mental processes.

– The brain needs glucose, consumes foods with complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains, potatoes, pasta, among others.

-Have breakfast. Breakfast has been proven to increase focus and concentration.

-Include a cup of coffee in your breakfast as it will keep you alert, due to its properties, avoid it in the afternoon or at night.

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– Maintain a proper exercise routine.

– Sleep 7 to 8 hours a day. Lack of sleep can impair mental performance and short-term memory.

Coffee helps you improve alertness, attention and wakefulness. Also consuming a cup of coffee can improve short-term memory and concentration.

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