DriveSavers recovers data from damaged Apple silicon Macs

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With its Macs, Apple makes it a point of honor to offer machines that are among the most secure possible. This is made possible in particular thanks to the T2 chip, integrated in the most recent iPhones but also in certain computers such as Mac mini, iMac or MacBook Air. His goal ? Defend your personal data against hacking, thanks to an encrypted storage solution using Touch ID in particular.

Except that… As the company in question has just demonstrated, a new company called DriveSavers is now able to bypass this protection. As part, of course, of a request from the owner of the machine to be unlocked to access his own data.

A specialized team

In this type of operation, it is nevertheless necessary to call on experts in the recovery ofencrypted information. These can be counted on the fingers of one hand: if certain skills such as those of the NSO Group are certainly particularly questionable, this is not the case of DriveSavers which focuses only on the needs of everyone.

Obviously, Apple for its part did not wish to comment on the file. We know, however, as recent cases of security breach corrections have proven, that even the most secure MacBooks of the moment are not not invincible. Undoubtedly put to the test, tough hacking abilities far from being within everyone’s reach.

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Price upon request

To date, DriveSavers unfortunately does not communicate on precise prices according to the models because the company invoices according to each device to be unlocked. It is also important to understand that the software errors are much easier to fix as hardware problems, such as when your computer has been dropped in water or the computer has been dropped.

To find out more if your own Mac is damaged, you can always go to the official site of DriveSavers which details the procedure to follow in the event of a problem. And in the meantime, the best solution is to make regular backups with the Time Machine tool available natively on macOS Monterey and macOS Ventura.

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