‘Dry scooping’: the dangerous TikTok challenge that could kill children, especially

TikTok cuenta con más de 2 mil millones de descargas en todo el mundo.

TikTok has more than 2 billion downloads worldwide.

Photo: NARINDER NANU / AFP / Getty Images

Doctors are warning of the risk of the so-called ‘dry scooping’, a challenge that has become popular in social networks So what it may cost you your life especially to kids.

A group of doctors cited by the BBC website warn that the videos with the dangerous challenge have been seen million times, which potentiates the danger that they are imitated.

The images show people, especially in gyms, eating the Food supplements powdered, without diluting them in any liquid, supposedly before to train.

These powders that should be drunk contain vitamins, caffeine and amino acids, generally, for increase stamina (in case they are regulated products, which actually contain what they claim to contain). However, not following the indications implies risks, such as overstimulation.

For example, one of these scoops of powder might have the same caffeine in five cups of coffee. Taking it in one go can cause an “increase in heart rate and blood pressure, which could cause the heart rhythm get upset, ”experts say.

And if the product is accidentally inhaled, it can cause suffocation or pneumonia, experts warn.

Briatney portillo, a 20-year-old influencer, claims that she allegedly suffered a heart attack which she relates to ‘dry scooping’.


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