Eating pasta and bread is associated with a lower risk of death

Eating pasta and bread is associated with a lower risk of death

Carbohydrates are an essential nutrient for the proper functioning of the body. The truth is that there are many myths about the consumption of products such as bread and pasta, a recent study proves its positive effects to live longer and better

There are many myths around eating carbohydrate-rich foods How is the case bread and pasta fact, many theories have emerged in which those are not recommended as an ally in health beige food.

This is because there are some theories that base the nutritional content of foods according to their color, the colorful as is the case of fruits and vegetables are related to the extraordinary contribution of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that the body needs in an essential way to function, while the less colorful foods are associated with a lower contribution in nutrients.

What does science say?

A new study was recently released in which it was found that consumption of plant-based protein, as is the specific case of pasta and bread, has been associated with a lower risk of death. This research work was released by the magazine JAMA Internal Medicine, which analyzed data from 416,104 men and women, over a period of 16 years.

On average, participants based their daily diet on the intake of a 15% protein, 40% plant, 60% animal protein (including 19% of dairy products). And the final results reflected that high consumption of long-term plant-based protein was related to a less chance of dying from cardiovascular disease.

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This association was made particularly strong by integrating the consumption of vegetable proteins, such as bread, pasta, and cereals, above the consumption of products such as eggs and meat.

In fact, it was found that doing an exchange of eggs by eating foods rich in vegetable protein, is associated in the case of men with a 24% less risk of death and a 21% in the case of women. When the equation changed and meat intake was limited, the risk of death fell in the case of men to 15% and in women to 13%.

The surprising thing was that this simple adjustment in eating habits continued to show itself in the same way in people with different lifestyles, among which stood out candidates with certain habits that affect the quality of life such as smoking, diabetes, hypertension, among others.

An intake of less than 40% or more than 70% of calories from carbohydrates, it is associated with an increased risk of mortality. Eat-in moderate levels Among that range it offers better options for a healthy life. In fact, it has been proven that the lowest risk of premature death is related to carbohydrate consumption between 50 and 55%.

Nutrition specialists emphasize the effects of following a low carb diet since many people usually automatically replace them with the intake of animal fats and proteins increasing its consumption in beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and cheese, products that are associated with an increased risk of mortality.

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Those obtained from plant-based proteins as is the case with wholemeal bread, pasta, legumes, and nuts. Remember that When it comes to carbohydrates, the most important thing is their quality (choose the sources of the food you get) and the portions. However they are not the enemy, quite the opposite.

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