Eating tacos has never been so healthy, nutritious and low calorie filling ideas

Comer tacos nunca fue tan saludable, ideas de rellenos nutritivos y bajos en calorías

Eating tacos is always a delight, they are a simple meal, full of tradition and without complications. They don’t always have to be caloric, discover creative ideas to create healthy versions

Eat tacos It may be one of the best days of the week, however they are not always considered as the healthiest and low calorie dish. Especially if we go to the versions of traditional tacos They stand out for being made with somewhat fatty meats, cheese, sour cream, creamy sauces and even bacon.

Tacos are part of the most iconic and representative dishes of the gastronomy in mexico, are a daily delicacy that is available at every corner of the Mexican Republic. Its popularity is such that have become a very famous dish worldwide, are a generous and uncomplicated food who has the genius of lend yourself to creating all kinds of combinations.

Thanks to its immense versatility tacos can be enjoyed with a long list of ingredients, delicious and nutritious. They are so simple and low complexity that it is very easy to adapt them to healthier, low calorie and equally delicious versions.

Some tips to create the more nutritious taco recipes:

  • Integrates lean proteins and of high biological value as is the case with beef, fish, chicken or seafood. Avoid weathered and fried preparations.
  • Use corn tortillas they stand out for a higher nutritional value and have fewer calories, 1 corn tortilla provides 64 calories and 1 flour tortilla 80 calories.
  • Lose your fear of fillers based on products of plant origin. You can create delicious casseroles with mixtures of vegetables, legumes, seeds and low-fat cheeses.
  • Always consider toppings that provide a extra in nutrientsAdd tomatoes, lettuce, chilies, avocado, and light sauces. Remember the more fresh and seasonal vegetables the better.
  • Moderate the use of very creamy condiments and choose to flavor in healthier and lighter ways. A good ally are products like sweet herbs, olive oil, vinegar, lemon and citrus.
  • Avoid using sausages, cream and very greasy cheeses. They are delicious elements but they add a good contribution in calories.
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Table of Contents

Very healthy and creative taco ideas:

1. Vegan carrot tacos

One of the recipes of more delicious, affordable and satisfying healthy tacos, without a doubt are these golden carrot zest tacos. This filling is distinguished by being seasoned in a Very Mexican red tomato and chili sauce, a good tip is to fry them with a healthy oil and in the least amount possible. Accompany with vegan cream, pico de gallo, lettuce and avocado.

2. Lettuce tacos with chicken al pastor

They couldn’t be more healthy and full of flavor. A great alternative for people on a carbohydrate control regimen, as lettuce leaves are replaced instead of tortillas. Preparing them is very simple and the marinade sauce with which the chicken is marinated is a unmatched delight. Undoubtedly a great recipe for take care of the line while still enjoying.

3. Mexican style tuna tacos

These tacos will get you out of any trouble, they are made with very basic and affordable pantry ingredients and they are undoubtedly a great option to enjoy the canned tuna to another level. They are perfect for days with little desire to cookbest of all is that they yield a lot. Accompany with healthy slices of avocado, coriander and a rich green sauce.

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4. Fish tacos to size

Fish is a great protein for tacos, it is one of the lower fat meats, with great nutrition and flavor. If you do not dare to prepare the whole fish, you can perfectly use some white fish fillets and follow the same steps, the result is just as delicious. The marinade is a very typical mexican preparation which is used for seasoning all kinds of meat and it facilitates browning, accompany with coriander, red onion, radish and lots of lemon.

5. Mushroom tacos

Simpler, easier to prepare and exquisite impossible. These mushroom tacos are a wonder of vegetarian recipe for the days with few ingredients and time, they are very nutritious and low in calories. All you have to do is cook and season the mushroomss, mount them on a couple of tortillas and accompany with chopped onion and coriander, and of course a few drops of lemon and a good sauce.


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