Edén Muñoz writes a heartbreaking song for Debanhi Escobar

Edén Muñoz writes a heartbreaking song for Debanhi Escobar

There is no doubt that the unfortunate case of Debanhi Escobar has aroused the outrage of millions of people in Mexico, including numerous figures from the entertainment world who have not hesitated to speak about it, including Edén Muñoz, former vocalist of the famous group 50 caliber.

And it is that the singer uploaded a song dedicated to the young woman to his networks along with the following message: “I am too sensitive about the case of #debanhiescobar and the thousands of people who suffer the same. The only way I can express myself and get all this I feel is with my music, ”said the singer in his publication, which has as its image the illustration of the last time he was seen alive.

So much silence in the house, I still don’t hear from you. Nothing is the same, my life, how I miss you. Follow your scent in the air, your things intact. I keep looking at your photos and I still don’t lose hope. It’s been hell this time. He doesn’t know how to live if you’re not here.” they are the first verses performed by Muñoz.

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