Eduardo Yáñez responds with a burning message to Lucía Méndez: “Kiss very rich”

Eduardo Yáñez responds with a burning message to Lucía Méndez: "Kiss very rich"

Eduardo Yáñez responds with a burning message to Lucía Méndez: "Kiss very rich"

There are soap opera loves that many would like to become real, as was the case with Lucia Mendez Y Eduardo Yanezwho starred in the telenovela “Marielena” in 1993. This fictional romance left a great taste in Méndez’s mouth, who recently declared that Yáñez is not only a great actor, but also a good kisser, the actor reacted to these statements and he went out of his way to praise the famous film and television actress, with whom he once shared credits.

Said controversy generated by the artist’s statements, Yáñez assured in an interview that the singer is also very talented, even for kisses; He is not far behind and “he also kisses very well,” she assured. Yesterday Lucía Méndez caused controversy by declaring thatthroughout his career on television, the kisses he enjoyed the most were those of Eduardo Yáñez.

Méndez shared credits with the also controversial actor in the telenovela “Marielena”: “Eduardo Yáñez kisses very well on television. I’m not telling you to do the ‘French kiss’, but he knows how to kiss very well, what is called the ‘hiccup kiss’, that’s what they called him before, so Eduardo Yáñez marks his kisses very well, ”said the also singer recently.

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After the declarations of Lucía Méndez were made known, Eduardo Yáñez was questioned about what he thought about it and filled the actress with praise and complimentswho, he assured, is not far behind when it comes to kisses: “Thank you very much Lucía, you also kiss very well”Yáñez declared in the program “Gossip No Like”.

The actor assured that he considers Méndez a great friend and highlighted his great talent: “She is a great friend, a person you can count on, super nice, a great actress, an excellent singer… a woman who has left her life on stage and whom I respect and love with all my heart.”

Yáñez was also questioned about the tense relationship he sometimes has with the press and acknowledged that, although he does not always react appropriatelythe reporters are not very helpful either, before this he assured that the artists should be trained to be able to face them.

“There should be a course that we could take to deal with the press, because you are also very special and it’s not that easy especially when trying to mess with one’s life.”EDUARDO YANEZ

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