Eduin Caz is attacked by a fan after a concert

Eduin Caz is attacked by a fan after a concert

Grupo Firme is one of the most successful Mexican groups in recent years, however, not everything has been hunky-dory, since Eduin Caz, the group’s vocalist, shared through an Instagram story what was can be perceived as aggression by a fan.

“What need then, I was already down there, I was going to take my picture”, He wrote next to the video showing the irritation on his neck, and although he did not elaborate, from his description, fans noticed that an elated follower could not control himself when he was close.

And it is that the singer offered a meet and greet where some of his followers were able to go behind the scenes and take a photo with the vocalist, who was very kind and accessible, which is why he showed his discomfort at the attack he suffered.

It is not the first time that the famous interpreter has been upset with his fans, since a few days ago he had to move from the place where he was on vacation with family members because some followers began to harass and bother them.

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