Eiza González rants against the program ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ for ‘harassment and bullying’

Eiza González despotrica contra el programa ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ por ‘acoso y bullying’

Eiza Gonzalez has taken their networks to direct a series of messages to the show program “The fat and the skinny“This was after he was strongly criticized for not wanting to speak Spanish and not answering the questions asked of him.

The actress has let everything go through her official Twitter account and has made her position very clear when feeling harassed and bullying her by wanting to make her talk about her personal life.

I have no obligation for someone to harass and bully me on the street that I have to talk about my personal life. Why those of El Gordo and La Flaca do not share the behavior of their abusive reporter“, He expressed.

But not everything was there, the Mexican continued to lash out, harshly annoyed by the situation that she says has not been the first time. And he warns not to be surprised if he does not grant them interviews in the future.

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This happens all the time manipulating info, videos, interviews to sell and affecting the public image of others I always behaved well with you but after this do not be surprised when I deny you an interviewGonzález wrote.

Not to mention that without my consent they expose me to someone infecting me in a pandemic by an interview walking over me with a camera one centimeter from my face. Take responsibility“, He finished.

So far there has been no public statement from the show’s production, in response to the strong comments from the singer.


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