“El Capi” Pérez confirms his departure from the program “La Caminera”

"El Capi" Pérez confirms his departure from the program "La Caminera"

“El Capi” Pérez is one of the most beloved conductors on Mexican television and currently heads several projects on screen and radio, however, his fans were surprised after the comedian revealed that he would abandon one of his projects.

According to the entertainment journalist Alex Kaffie, the comedian made the decision to leave the radio program La Caminera “in order to suit his interests”, although he did not mention whether they were professional or financial.

This Friday, the presenter confirmed his departure from the program and introduced his replacement: Tania Rincón, who was his partner in Venga la Alegría.

“Success in this new stage, walkers!”, the presenter published in his Instagram stories.

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