El Gordo y la Flaca shared the sad news: Belinda mourns the death of her beloved Gizmo

El Gordo y la Flaca compartió la triste noticia: Belinda llora la muerte de su amado Gizmo

On the Instagram of The fat and the skinny a video appears in which you can see how Belinda He lovingly says goodbye to his beloved Gizmo, unconditional friend of the interpreter of Spanish origin. For 13 years this little boy was his faithful friend and companion and accomplice of life.

In the video you can read the words of Christian Nodal’s girlfriend, who is truly devastated by loss and pain:

“The greatest sadness. My partner left me. My Gizmo. My guardian angel. 13 years together !!! I cannot put into words the pain I feel in my heart, in my chest. Never forget you. Thank you for everything you gave me. For taking away my loneliness. For giving me love, without asking for anything in return. For being unconditionally by my side. I love you my baby”.

The rest of the images show little Gizmo alone, by his side, in his arms, receiving and giving love. Gizmo was his companion on lonely days, on travels and photography sessions. The public that has been really critical of her, today took her side and lamented the singer’s pain with these messages:

  • “It is a very painful feeling when a little furry is lost, they are sometimes more family than the Human family.”
  • It is painful. It is a little angel. I hope it has another resemblance so Gizmo will feel happy .. and you recover its loss and put it as the name Gizmo2❤️
  • I lost mine last month and I understand your pain. 🥺🥺🥺 But we must understand and be grateful with the love we receive and the one we give to such a beautiful little animal 🕊🕊🥺


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