“El Yaki” talks about the secret romance he supposedly had with Eduin Caz’s wife

"El Yaki" talks about the secret romance he supposedly had with Eduin Caz's wife

"El Yaki" talks about the secret romance he supposedly had with Eduin Caz's wife

Luis Alfonso Departurewho is better known as the “El Yaki”, finally clarified the rumors that claimed he had an affair with Daisy Anahywife of vocalist Firm Group, Eduin Caz.

After the controversy that was generated by the infidelity of Eduin Caz to his wife, daisy anahyit was rumored that she secretly had an affair with ‘El Yaki’ as revenge, so during a recent interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the former member of The Band the Bend ended the speculation.

The Sinaloan singer broke the silence and finally assured that the rumors are completely false, since due to his principles he would never dare to turn to see the wife of a friend and less in the case of his comadre.

Eduin and I are compadres, I love him very much and there really is a friendship. The truth is that I allow very little for people to mention that to me, because there are gentlemen and people with principles and with words, “he explained.

And he assured that he considers himself a loyal friend, so he could not touch the wife of someone so important.

“I think that within the important principles as knights, the subject of your friend’s wife, you as a man, friendship is really unique and the woman is not even touched, she is respected, she is the lady of the house. That is the way I have to do things, that is my education, I could never see the wife of a friend of mine, with other eyes or in some other way, “he added.

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He confesses that it bothered him when the rumors began since people have no idea how he manages his life, although he is also aware that he is a public figure who is exposed to this type of information.

“When they come and mention a situation like that to me, it doesn’t even fit in my head, but I understand that we are in a genre in which many come to speak and open their mouths foolishly, they want fame, they want to make a silly comment”, he added convinced.

That is why after the speculation, he immediately contacted Eduin Caz to make everything clear.

“As soon as I saw that note, I spoke to my compadre and told him: ‘Tell me you’re not buying this shit‘”. To which Eduin Caz replied: ‘No, compadre, nor to the case’.

And he clarified that at no time has there been any situation that could lead to misunderstanding, since he respects his comadre a lot, as well as his compadre.

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