Elche 0-Atletico Madrid 2 | Another year to the Champions

Elche 0-Atletico Madrid 2 |  Another year to the Champions

When González Fuertes put the whistle to his mouth to blow the final whistle, Simeone put his hand in his pocket. There where he had the calculator. You won’t have to use it again. Not this season anymore. Atleti is from the Champions League. Closed objective, as always in his ten years, the extraordinary made routine. He won 0-2, he did it. But in Elche no one felt like a loser. quite the opposite.

An Elche that, at the beginning, gave up its defense of three to order itself with four. A mirror against Cholo, in a 4-4-2. With Reinildo. That there he was, with his boots like bricks laying the foundations of the wall before Oblak. Atleti wore red, a traditional shield, it had to be the day. Vrsaljko could hardly show it off: in Elche’s first corner, with a dangerous shot from Milla’s chest, he ended up on the ground, hands behind. Lodi took his place, as if Wass, for Cholo, had never arrived. His men were already ordered with three centrals. The Champions was sewn to a De Paul ball that Lodi spoiled against Edgar, for cropping and not shooting.

Photo by Matheus Cunha

The match was a give-and-take, with no clear dominator. The two teams with their calculator making numbers on the boots. Those of Francisco for saving themselves, already, needed a point. Those of Cholo, for that square Champions in the accounts with three. But Oblak came out of his goal with a megaphone in his mouth to Reinildo’s ear: Boyé had just finished off just one corner. But Bigas headed another ball just wide. Elche won on points, on every stopped ball. Atleti getting into one of those first parts of this season. very open. no domain. With the ball flying over their midfielders like an unidentified flying object: they always saw it from afar. Until Griezmann took a step back, to cement that middle line in need of men. The ball was once again a friend. And it didn’t take long for Cunha to take him to the bottom of the net. Cunhaism is one of the few good things that have really happened to Atleti in this 21-22.

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Photo by DePaul

Grizi he raised his head and, out of the corner of his eye, saw Lodi’s run on the opposite flank. Plac. There he sent the ball, so that the Brazilian who had been a substitute at the start and now was no longer a dagger on the left, control on a blade and center low with an intention: Cunha. He this one launched to kick that ball before Edgar knowing how much it was worth. 70 million. But only on the net. He there he sent her. Simeone put his hand in his pocket for the first time with a half smile. And that release over his head. 0-1. The Mathematical Champions. After so much suffering, after having seen her for the first time in ten years, so difficult, far away.

The goal freed the rojiblancos who arrived at the break touching and playing with speed. Y scratching behind the defense from Elche.

Elche certified his salvation at rest

When the match returned, Francisco could also put his calculator in the bottom of his pocket. The leading score at the Martínez Valero was Pizjuán’s 0-0, Sevilla’s against Mallorca. They were First. Whatever happens against Atleti will happen. The public received theirs with a standing ovation. Cunhaism turned it off as soon as football returned, in another almost traced connection with Lodi. This time he bumped into Bigas’s head on his flight to the net. After the scare, the stands do their thing: wave by wave between oles and oles. Atleti, by the way, was not only qualified for the Champions League, He was also looking at Sevilla through the rear-view mirror. Third.

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The party was immersed in the air of fulfilled objectives until Grizi he rubbed his boot again and put a ball at De Paul’s feet. Goal. That Grizi in Prime mode. With your haircut his influence on the game as a midfielder, his smile in the air. He just missed the goal. The one that Correa touched at the end with a stick. But it will come. In the two remaining league games. Or in the next Champions. That which Cholo’s calculator shouted in capital letters. No need to leave your pocket.


Renan Augustus (6′, Vrsaljko), Guido Carrillo (57′, Lucas Boyé), josan (57′, Tete Morente), kike (57′, Fidel), Shepherd (68′, Pere Milla), Hector Herrera (71′, Griezmann), Belt (71′, DePaul), Raul Guti (74′, Omar Mascarell), Philip Monteiro (79′, Carrasco), Luis Suarez (79′, Matheus Cunha)


0-1, 27′: Matheus Cunha0-2, 62′: Paul’s


Referee: Pablo González Fuertes
VAR Referee: Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea
Peter Milla (6′, Yellow) Renan Augustus (34′, Yellow) Bigas (39′, Yellow


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