Elected deputy of the Argentine right, Javier Milei, launches his own NFT – DiarioBitcoin

Elected deputy of the Argentine right, Javier Milei, launches his own NFT - DiarioBitcoin

Elected deputy of the Argentine right, Javier Milei, launches his own NFT - DiarioBitcoin By Daily EditorBitcoin

Right-wing MP Javier Milei launched an NFT for winning the election. He had already launched a very controversial one before.


The newly elected national deputy for the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Javier Milei, announced on his account of Instagram that a new non-fungible token was available, NFT, the first of a new collection in tribute to his choice, which was on November 14th. In these elections he obtained 310,036 votes, 17% of the total in the capital of the country and is considered a rather peculiar fact given that he represents the right.

The NFT was released in OpenSea at an initial price of 1 ETH, that is, at USD $ 4,250 at current prices according to data from CryptoMarkets. The sale ends on November 20, but so far (November 17, 8:30 a.m. New York) there have been no offers, according to can be seen on the page.

The non-fungible token is a video representing the candidate from behind, with a country flag hanging as a cape. In the background there are a number of people and the flag of the libertarian party, as well as the date: November 14.

In an accompanying text the NFT says:

“First official NFT of my new collection:“ The new liberal era ”. This piece will be unique and unrepeatable. Honoring the historic day (11-14-2021), in which I became a national deputy of the Argentine Republic. This piece has my endorsement and signature ”.

Javier Milei’s previous NFT

It is not the first time that the now deputy ventures into NFT. In September he had launched an NFT collection to finance his campaign. In that previous collection, that can be seen in OpenSea, a tribute is made to the libertarian ideology. In the first token, the candidate appears on a 1,000 peso bill, where the image of the central bank is set on fire. The description of the NFT, called Libertarian Revolution, says:

Our great hero Alberto Benegas Lynch said “Liberalism is the unrestricted respect for the life project of others, based on the principle of non-aggression, defending the right to life, liberty and property.”

I am Javier Milei and I did not come to lead lambs but to awaken lions.

It was sold for 3.8 ETH (about $ 16,000) to an unnamed buyer.

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Milei, who is an economist by profession, has been favorable to cryptocurrencies, as can be read in statements reviewed by IProUp:

“Argentina is fertile ground for bitcoin … because the peso, basically, is not worth excrement. It is the currency that the Argentine politician issues. These garbage are not even suitable for compost ”.

Also, a curious aspect is, in addition, that he is a rather peculiar candidate, given that he represents the extreme right with his party Freedom Advances. Regarding this, the middle of the U from Chile highlights that “One of the novelties that these elections left was the entry of the ultra-right to the Trans-Andean Congress, in an unprecedented event that had not been seen since 1983 and that took place with the arrival of the now deputy for the city of Buenos Aires and a member of the La party. Libertad Avanza, Javier Milei, who obtained 17.03% of the preferences ”.

In Argentina the NFT in different areas, especially in commerce and promotion. For example, an ice cream parlor in the country brought out its own NFT of ice cream. They have also used it in the traceability of meat.

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