Entertainment Celebrity Ellen DeGeneres' famous friends come to her defense

Ellen DeGeneres’ famous friends come to her defense


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Katy Perry, Kevin Hart, Ashton Kutcher, Scooter Braun and the presenter’s brother are some of the people who broke their silence.

It has taken several weeks for the celebrities who have attended the talk show of Ellen Degeneres speak out about the stories about the toxic environment that would be breathed in their program published by Buzzfeed and the harassment that some of her former employees would have endured at the hands of executive producers, while she supposedly looked the other way, but it finally happened.

Katy Perry He was one of the first stars to come out in defense of the presenter, as his wife requested this week Rossi Portia, to clarify that your experience with her has always been positive.

The humorist Kevin Hart He expressed himself a little more in the statement he shared through Instagram, in which she states that her friend is one of the best people she knows and regrets that she has become the latest victim of the cancellation culture.

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Now yes: Ellen DeGeneres’ famous friends come to her defense

“It is very sad. How did we get here? I always defend the people I know and love. I look forward to a future in which we love each other again … All this hatred has to end «, he pointed Kevin, who lived an experience similar to that of Ellen when some old tweets with racist jokes came to light that cost him the Oscar gala that he was going to present.

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The actor Ashton Kutcher He tweeted about the treatment he and his team have always received from Ellen, insisting – like the rest of the previously mentioned celebrities – that he does not intend to invalidate other people’s feelings, but that he feels an obligation to share his own.

“I never played the ball with celebrities, which seemed like a very refreshing attitude. And when things don’t go well, she takes care of fixing them », he assured.

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Does not allow racism or bullying

The brother of the star of the small screen defines her as a “Light in the middle of the very dark world” And he’s flatly dismissed the idea that he could sit idly by if he knew someone around him was suffering.

“If they really think I would allow racism or bullying to occur on their show, it’s that we didn’t really know my sister,” the Mint Vance. We also have a request from everyone who is not meant to openly support Ellen, to protect against “Cruel attacks” that they are receiving, that they immediately stop following him on social media.

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The interpreter Jerry O’Connell and the producer Scooter braun have reacted to messages from Vance and Portia using the hashtag #I Stand By Ellen.

“People love to see others fall. How quickly we forget everything », lament Scooter.

“I’ve known both of them for almost three decades. I have seen what you have published Portia and me episodes in the moral obligation to share it »added Jerry.

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- Advertisement -Ellen DeGeneres' famous friends come to her defenseEllen DeGeneres' famous friends come to her defense

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- Advertisement -Ellen DeGeneres' famous friends come to her defenseEllen DeGeneres' famous friends come to her defense

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