Emailing campaign: its importance

L’importance d’une campagne d’emailing

Every day, billions of emails are exchanged around the world, more than half of which are business letters!

The email has become over time one of the most popular means of communication. It is natural to see the emergence of marketing techniques using this highly developed service. An acquisition of new customers, personalized marketing, a way to be closer to your prospects, we tell you everything about the importance of an emailing campaign.

An economical, efficient and profitable customer acquisition

To acquire new customers thanks to the Internet, many means are at your disposal. At the center of your strategy, we find social media. These are important ways to interact with your audience and strengthen your personal relationships with them. Being present on social networks is an important step in achieving your end goal: converting your visitors into new customers.

And to turn prospects into customers, nothing better than going through an emailing campaign. Having become essential for more than 10 years, emailing is a boost for your business. Indeed, a successful emailing campaign promotes the acquisition and retention of your new customers.

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In addition, this technique is easy to set up and its cost is very low. Thanks to emailing, your business reaches a large number of consumers quickly and efficiently. It’s THE perfect way to develop your business, especially if it has a limited budget. Indeed, sending an email is much more economical than the various other marketing campaigns. The return rate is also very high. Thus, you benefit from a positive return on investment.

The emailing campaign, personalized marketing

To make your email campaign a success: segment your audience by list. These lists will each have a personalized message based on customer tastes and preferences. By sorting your customers by categories, you have a better chance of adding value to your readership. Publishing a post on a social network gives you the opportunity to reach out to your entire community.

However, sometimes individualism is good. This is why it is important to go through emailing software. From these, it is easy to set up a quick personalization of the emails sent to the members of your lists.

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You can also divide your customers by age, location or area of ​​interest and offer them offers that suit them. In addition, according to the latest studies, a personalized e-mail has a more than 20% chance of being opened by its recipient than a lambda email. A detail that should not be overlooked for successful marketing campaigns. Emailing strengthens your customers’ loyalty and the trust they have in your business.

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A measurable campaign

Emailing campaigns are not based on chance. In fact, when you send your email using the software provided for this purpose, you have access to a certain amount of information. It is possible to measure:

  • The number of emails opened
  • The clicks that your emails generated
  • The number of people who have subscribed thanks to your emailing campaign

This makes it easier to get an idea of ​​the results generated by your emailing campaign. By using these metrics wisely, you can make adjustments to improve your efficiency.

Indeed, if an emailing campaign does not bring you the expected result: change your sentences, improving your pitch or retargeting your audience are essential actions.

You can also set up multi-part tests. A / B tests, for example, are essential for email campaigns. Indeed, thanks to this type of test, you completely decipher your readership:

  • Are they more responsive to some terms rather than others?
  • Do they prefer softer introductions that slowly take them towards the end of your email?

This data can be collected, tested and measured.

The emailing campaign, a lever for action

To boost your sales, effective emailing is essential. Thanks to him, you direct your customers and prospects to your site and potentially increase your sales rate. To quickly develop your marketing strategy, email is the perfect weapon. Your results are immediate and your site gains in traffic.

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Nevertheless, the marketing campaign must be thought out and adapted to increase online sales. You don’t have to settle for newsletters and expect to attract your customers. You also have to present them with interesting and personalized offers. Moreover, personalized emailing campaigns generate 8 times more openings than newsletters. Think about it!

The ability to contact your prospects at any time

More than an advertising campaign on a traditional media, emailing follows your customers everywhere. Nowadays, what do we do when we are waiting in transport or when we have 5 minutes to ourselves? We take out our cellphones and check our emails and our networks. It has become a reflex for everyone. Thanks to an emailing campaign, you are able to reach everyone at any time of the day.

What you must remember

Email is a important strategic lever for any manager wishing to make his business prosper. It is also possible that your competitors do not apply any emailing campaign. It is essential not to make the same mistake as them and to put in place this strong marketing action now.

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