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iPadOS 14.5

Since the start of the week, a few testers have had the chance to install the new version of iPadOS, numbered 14.5, before everyone else. They take the opportunity to share their findings, especially on the social network Reddit little stingy with this kind of information. And precisely, among the improvements in question, one concerns the keyboard.

It is simply the arrival of the emoji search, long overdue by those who like to react to messages in this way. If it has already been available on Mac for a while, it arrived recently on iOS, during its update announced last summer. Objective: no longer having to scroll through the library of emoticons to find the desired image.

Available in a few days

Another new feature: the start-up animation. While it was until now displayed vertically, Apple finally chose to place it horizontally with iPadOS 14.5. A logical decision since the firm emphasizes the convertibility of its tablet, which becomes with its Magic Keyboard accessory a real small personal touch computer.

This is not the first time that Cupertino has chosen to modify this type of content. Not long ago, the most recent Macs were able to find the original ignition sound of previous models. In the meantime, see you next week for the iPadOS 14.5 public beta.

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