End of year celebrations: how to integrate seasonality to increase your performance on Google Ads

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For many companies, and particularly in the retail and mass distribution sector, the end of the year is the most important period of their activity. Some French companies achieve between 20 and 40% of their turnover during the sales period, particularly Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. The year then ends with the most important consumption peak of the year, namely Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. During this key period during which commercial activity is at its peak, it is advisable to adapt your Google Ads objectives and budgets according to the expected peak. Look back on the performance recorded over the past two years and follow our advice from a Google Ads certified agency to optimize the performance of your campaigns on the main dates to come:

  • Black Friday: Friday November 26
  • Cyber ​​Monday: Monday, November 29
  • Xmas : Saturday, December 25

Promote consideration upstream of the purchasing phase

To encourage Internet users to discover new products, in this case your own, use Google Display, Google Discovery or Youtube formats well in advance of the sales period.

  • The Google Display Network can help you reach your targets while they are browsing a website, watching a Youtube video, checking their Gmail account or using mobile apps.
  • Google Discovery Ads allows an advertiser to increase its visibility with mobile users (55% of web traffic) by appearing on the home page of Google’s iOS and Android application, as well as the Google.com mobile home page .
  • Youtube (46.6 million unique visitors in France) allows, through the TrueView for Shopping format, to provide Internet users with direct access to your products and information accelerating the purchasing process.

Keep your information up to date

In France, almost no company is deprived of putting a small Black Friday logo on its website. However, this is not enough to enter the game. You must make sure that your digital media are ready to receive more traffic, coming from different devices, in search of information before the purchase phase:

1 – Plan pages dedicated to the main products of the event,

2 – Check the loading times of your pages and in particular those dedicated to payment validation. You can use Google PageSpeed ​​Insight, Google Analytics or Google Ads (in the Landing page menu of a campaign) for this.

End of year celebrations: how to integrate seasonality to increase your performance on Google Ads

3 – Control the UX rendering of your pages on mobile devices. Google Chrome allows in particular, through its tools for developers (F12), to provide you with an overview of your web pages in different dimensions of device screens

End of year celebrations: how to integrate seasonality to increase your performance on Google Ads

4 – Also remember to update your Google information My Business (publications, exceptional hours if you have physical stores). Note that 58% of in-store purchases are influenced by digital touchpoints.

Anticipate your Google ads campaigns during the sales period

Prepare the targeting of your audiences

Set up audience lists 7/14 / 30d in advance of the event and reuse audience buyers and those who have abandoned their cart. The difference in behavior between these audiences requires a different approach and message.

You can use seasonality audiences by observation on the search network which will provide you and the Google algorithm with valuable data on the profiles of Internet users most likely to convert, and in targeting on Display and Youtube networks (this will save you superficial expenses that could affect the profitability of your campaigns).

google ads audience targeting

Adapt your message to your ads Google ads

Prepare your announcements & your promotional extensions to register for the various end-of-year events. Adapt the message of your ads and extensions to show your best offers:

  1. Updating titles,
  2. Addition of promotion extensions, prices, secondary links, teaser. Remember to pin the title on your responsive ads to force the system to show it.

This is also valid for Dynamic and Responsive ads on the search network which will promote your visibility by anticipating internet users’ requests.

Google Search Ads also provides personalization features to improve the relevance of your ads:

  • A different message depending on the audience with the IF function in your ads: {= IF (audience IN (, ), text to insert): default text}
  • A different message depending on the device with the IF function: {= IF (device = mobile, text to insert): default text}
  • A message to increase interest in your ads with a countdown timer: {= COUNTDOWN (“yyyy / MM / dd HH: mm: ss”, ”language”, daysBefore)}

Optimize your existing acquisition levers

In theory, if you have a minimum of 100 conversions over the last 30 days, you have enough conversion history to get started with the campaign format now. Smart Shopping : On average, advertisers see an increase in conversion value of over 30%.

If you have physical stores, use the Local Campaign to highlight in-store products that are part of the various marketing operations.

Managing Google Ads campaigns

Monitor your Google campaign spend Ads

End of year celebrations: how to integrate seasonality to increase your performance on Google Ads

Smart bidding (Maximize Conversions, Target CPA, Target ROAS, Maximize Conversion Value) will naturally adapt to changes in volume and continue to use your settings to achieve your performance. However, it will be necessary to ensure daily monitoring in order to gradually adjust the budget according to its use.

Adapt to changes in your conversion rates

If your conversion rate goes up or down by less than 30% in 7 days, smart auctions will naturally adjust.
If your conversion rate increases or decreases by more than 30% in 7 days, you can adjust your target CPA / Target ROAS, or use the seasonality adjustment (TOOLS AND SETTINGS> SHARED LIBRARY> Bidding strategies> Advanced controls) .

google ads bidding strategy

Optimize your positioning by keywords

During this time of higher search volume, you may also want to consider broadening the match type for certain keywords, especially if you’re into a smart bidding strategy. This will allow you to pick up new requests that you have not thought of. You should know that, every day, 15% of requests, on average, are unpublished. Use the recommendation tab to determine good keyword opportunities.

google ads recommendation

Finally, capitalize on the conversion data on your account to position yourself on the main keyword linked to the event (eg Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, etc.) by targeting only your buyers or users in the audience parameters.

Make the sales period a success with Google Ads

Our advice for a successful sales period gives you an overview of what our project managers and SEA consultants could do to support you during Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and / or Christmas. Do not neglect the end of the year period and make noise by calling on professionals with proven experience. Contact the agency.

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