Enlarged with a diagonal of 15 inches, the iPad Max becomes clearer

iPad Pro Max concept

BOE, on its way to becoming Apple’s second-largest supplier of screens ahead of LG, has just changed the production line at one of its factories originally focused on the manufacture of panels for the iPhone. This is how certain lines dedicated to 6.1-inch displays have gone to 15 inches, a figure that is obviously too large for mobiles.

However, MacBook Pros of this size were discontinued at the end of 2019, when their collection was enlarged to 16 inches. But then, what does this novelty correspond to? For The Elec, no doubt: these are tests for a new touch pad even more imposing than the current iPads, which corroborates the statements of Mark Gurman on this subject.

A multimedia center for the home

With a 15-inch iPad, it would then no longer be really a question of a simple mobile device but rather of a real multimedia control center as offered for example by Samsung with its Home Hub. The idea would then be to bring together the actions of connected objects over a larger area. HomeKit or other shortcuts like cooking recipes or streaming apps.

Of course, the voice assistant Siri would also be there, for a value proposition closer to that of the HomePod mini but with a much better interface.

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For 2023?

Always according to The Elec, the BOE Electronics plant is expected to start first tests on 15-inch screens by the month ofApril. Given that it then takes several months to experience initial results before Apple decides to order in bulk, it is therefore unlikely that the iPad “Max” will arrive in stores until next year.

Of course the name is not definitive, and we do not know if this agenda corresponds precisely to future projects of Apple. But with the market share swallowed by Amazon and Google in this regard, the time for a new player in the iOS users’ lounge may have arrived. You just have to cross your fingers for the apple brand to make an effort on the price side, at the risk of ending up with a product abandoned quickly as for the iMac Pro or the large HomePod.

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