Enric Gallego lifts the Heliodorus

Enric Gallego lifts the Heliodorus

The Heliodoro saw Tenerife win again after almost two months against a Fuenlabrada that is getting closer and closer to the abyss. The islanders remain in the fight to finish as well as possible in the playoff and their rival is on the way to relegation.

Nikola Sipcic was the last-minute casualty in Tenerife that Ramis did not want to reveal so as not to give clues, while Álex Muñoz returned to eleven after almost two months. Sandovalfor its part, recovered Pedro León after sanction and changed -among others-, to Altube who had not played since the beginning of March because of Belman in goal.

Thus, the meeting began with two timid approaches without a happy ending of Bouldini (two’), first and Mario, later (4′). The ball was more time in the local boots, although they did not find fissures in the firm rival defense. The ‘Fuenla’, with a few touches, reached the goal of sorianobut without depth.

Shield/Flag Tenerife

The Blue and Whites began to abuse balls because they couldn’t find free ways to generate danger. Until a carom allowed him to get ahead on the scoreboard when Enric headed a center from the left and on the way to goal the ball hit a rival and dislodged the goalkeeper.

The azulones accused the blow and the Tenerife It was close to increasing, but Mario failed inside the area (31′). In a bad start by Bravo, the same forward took the opportunity to score a great goal from 35 meters.

after the break, Fuenlabrada went out in search of the comeback, but with little clarity. However, it was Tenerife who increased thanks to a great definition by Mario González. The emotions continued since, VAR through, the referee whistled for a penalty for Sandoval’s team, which Pedro León converted to reduce differences.

Shield/Flag Fuenlabrada

Both coaches moved their benches, but on the green you could see an insular team controlling the game against a rival who couldn’t find the paths, ran a lot and saw their options diminished when Konaté was sent off with about 20 minutes left. A penalty was even requested on Elady already in the extension that the referee did not consider.


Alex Corredera (45′, Pablo Larrea), Elady (57′, Mario Gonzalez), orchards (57′, Alex Munoz), david friend (64′, Aboubakary Kante), Cristobal (64′, Alvaro Bravo), Zozulya (76′, Javier Ontiveros), Michael (76′, Iribas), Samuel Shashoua (77′, Enric Gallego), Jamelli (83′, Alex Bermejo), Diame (83′, Paolo Gozzi)


1-0, 26′: Enrique Gallego2-0, 39′: Enrique Gallego3-0, 52′: mario gonzalez3-1, 63′: Peter Leon


Referee: Ivan Caparros Hernandez
VAR Referee: Javier Iglesias Villanueva
Paul Larrea (38′, Yellow) Aboubakary Kante (40′, Yellow) Javier Ontiveros (45′, Yellow) Adrian Dieguez (55′, Yellow) Brahim Konate (60′, Yellow) Brahim Konate (73′, Red) Ruben Pulido (87′, Yellow


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