Carlos Rivera | Origin, songs, Instagram and more of the Mexican artist

Carlos Rivera | Origin, songs, Instagram and more of the Mexican artist


Carlos Rivera - Singer
Carlos Rivera emerged from a reality show and today is a recognized singer | Media and Media / Getty Images

Carlos Rivera has a vocal register that is as impressive as it is unmistakable and that is why your talent has led him to be one of the most applauded artists in Latin America today.

However, there are many aspects that some do not know about Rivera, and that is why below we will tell you the most important details of his professional and personal life.

He is 34 years old. He was born on March 15, 1986 in Huamantla, Mexico.

It all began after winning the La Academia contest, which was broadcast on TV Azteca, in 2004. That was the necessary kick for him to shine in musical works such as La Bella y La Bestia, Bésame Mucho and Orgasmos.

Then he decided to dedicate himself fully to singing and from there he forged a career that allowed him to publish four record materials, and the first of them was a gold record for selling more than 50 thousand copies in Mexico.

There are several productions that the public liked, but several agree that the most important ones were: “I am not the air”, “Only you”, “You leave me”, “That ours stays ours” and “You were not for me”.

He has been in a relationship with the host and singer for about three years
Cynthia Rodríguez, who today is part of the morning Venga la Alegría.

In this social network, he appears as @_carlosrivera and currently has more than five million followers.


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