Enzo Ferrari’s film takes shape: details and actors

Enzo Ferrari's film takes shape: details and actors

Movies from the automotive world are triumphing in recent years. Not that there are many on the international scene, but movies What Rush or Ford vs. ferrari have thrown good figures on the big screen. That’s why the next installment of Hollywood cars seems not too far from production: Enzo Ferrari’s movie.

According to various sources such as dead lineFerrari will start recording next may after receiving the green light. It will be a biographical film of Enzo Ferrari and will follow his story from the summer of 1957. We know that it will be directed by Michael Mannthe creator of such well-known films as Miami Vice or your own Ford vs. Ferrari.

Enzo Ferrari's film takes shape: details and actors

The script, meanwhile, will be written by Troy Kennedy Martin, who gave birth The Italian Job.

What will the Enzo Ferrari movie be about?

The premise revolves around the imminent bankruptcy of ferrari. To this will be added the collapse of Enzo’s marriage and the aftermath of the death of his son Dino. Recall that the young man succumbed to muscular dystrophy at just 24 years old. The film will portray Enzo Ferrari’s decision to participate in the race Mille Miglia of that same year.

The gossips suggest that finally Enzo Ferrari will be played by Adam Driver instead of Hugh Jackman. We have seen the 38-year-old actor in other popular movies like starwars Y The House of Gucci. However, the peculiarity of assuming the role of Enzo is that he was 59 years old in 1957. Initially, other names such as Christian Bale and Robert de Niro were considered.

Enzo Ferrari's film takes shape: details and actors

Enzo Ferrari’s wife, Laura, will be played by Penelope Cruz. For her part, Lina Lardy, the lover, will be none other than Shailene Woodley. There will also be a starring role for Enzo’s illegitimate son, Piero. For now it is unknown who will play him, but he will play a fundamental role in the story. Filming will take place in Italyespecially in Modena and Emilia Romagna.

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