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Epic Games will take legal action against those responsible for Fornite Token - DiarioBitcoin By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

The CEO of EpicGames, Tim Sweeney indicated that fortnite It does not have any official token and accused those responsible for promoting a scam based on its flagship game.


  • Epic Games will sue creators of Fortnite Token.
  • CEO of Epic claims that they violate copyright and trademark laws.
  • Responsable of Fortnite Token they assure that it is a project supported by the community.
  • Communities create cryptocurrencies associated with brands all the time.

The company that distributes and develops video games for PC, EpicGames, will file a lawsuit against the creators of a token created in 2021 allegedly associated with its flagship game, fortnite.

CEO of Epic Games threat to creators of Fortnite Token

This was confirmed by the CEO of EpicGames, Tim Sweeney, who indicated through a message posted on his official account Twitter that from the company they will take legal measures to block the path to those responsible for the token, and reiterated that fortnite does not have any type of official cryptocurrency:

“There is no Fornite cryptocurrency. Twitter accounts promoting such a thing are a scam. Epic’s lawyers are already on it. Also, it’s a shame that the cryptocurrency markets allow this kind of thing.”

Given the fortnite is one of the best-known brands in the video game sector today, Sweeney indicated that those responsible for said token could face copyright and trademark problems, since they make use of the images and the official name of the game without permission Epic Games. This would constitute a serious violation, since they mistakenly lead the interested parties to believe that the cryptocurrency has some kind of relationship with the title.

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creators of Fortnite Token they respond

Sweeney’s remark quickly reached those responsible for fortnite token, who responded to the CEO of Epic Games and they clarified that it is simply an initiative supported by video game fans.

In this regard, the team Fortnite Tokens wrote:

“Fornite Token is not a crypto scam project…it is a fairly launched, community driven, cryptocurrency project created by fans of the Fornite game with no specific owner or corporate structure behind it…or with a CEO who decide about your future.

In crypto everything is possible

Although the dilemma regarding the legality or not of the creation of a token inspired by fortnite, The truth is that these types of acts are very common within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, so any person or organization has the possibility of creating their own digital assets linked to any type of brand or reason.

This has been used for better and for worse by those responsible for the proposals. There are cases where partner brands acknowledge the communities behind such initiatives, but there are others where a hot topic is simply taken advantage of and a crypto asset is created that could be a scam in disguise.

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Something similar to the latter happened with the token inspired by “The Squid Game / The Squid Game (SQUID)”which capitalized on the popularity of the South Korean series broadcast by Netflix and attracted the attention of a large number of investors, who overnight were scammed after the theft of associated funds

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