Escape from the Office, new short film by Apple

Titre du film Escape from the Office devant des immeubles en ville

Many of you use Apple tools to work from home. And you know it, Mac, iPad and even iPhone, this trio works wonders when it comes to productivity, even more so when used with each other.

This is precisely what Apple wanted to illustrate, in a new promotional film entitled Escape from the Officeas part of the process Apple at Work from the Californian firm centered precisely on the professional world.

This one lasts about 9 minutes. We see a group of 4 people leaving their jobs at the same time to set up a company. Many features underpinned by Apple devices are obviously highlighted throughout their adventure, Wi-Fi password sharing, augmented reality, Memojis, etc.

Humor is there, as often in Apple productions. The quality of realization is obviously also of high flight. We recommend viewing. Do not hesitate to give your opinion in comments.

What is THE feature of the Apple ecosystem that you particularly appreciate? For my part, it must be admitted that the synchronization of notes in Apple Notes on all my headed devices has become essential to me over time. Especially since it has never failed me.

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