Espanyol, the story of the milkmaid


Espanyol, the story of the milkmaid. Dude Vincent Moreno of the fables, as he demonstrated in the previous one of this AlavesSpanish referring to the story of the donkey and the family to settle his controversy with Thomas Raul, a few morals also serve to explain the game, the umpteenth nightmare of the season away from home, such as the direction of the parakeet team and the club, now mathematically saved. As in the story of the milkmaid, everything is good intentions and there is constant speculation in Espanyol about a better future, with such or such goals, but the reality is almost always the same. Hard The league three or four more days, and the story of the milkmaid turns into that of Peter and the wolf, with the descent lurking. A point of 15, a terrible course far from Cornella and the constancy that no parakeet trusts his own team outside, something very sad, dangerous and the thermometer of an unsustainable drift for a First.

Espanyol Shield/Flag

Raúl de Tomás y Pacheco, the fox and the stork. Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you. That is why most likely Thomas Raul, on his return to the starting lineup after Sunday’s benching, barely celebrated his goal, which took 14 minutes to materialize. The one that he himself had made, forcing an innocent penalty of Tenaglia. Just as he had done in the first round, he beat from 11 meters to Pachecohis former teammate real Madrid, his friend, whom he has already scored four times in seven games. Bittersweet feeling that surely aroused that ultimately sterile target, the sixteenth of ROT in this league.

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Melendo, the lion and the mouse. Even the biggest need the little ones, just as Espanyol had specified on Sunday of the spark of Nico Melmed to match Osasunain a move that he tried to emulate in mendizorrozaand the quality of Melendo. The midfielder was once again a basic piece, perhaps the best of the parakeets in the first half, with more travel than usual to get more into play. even more active than Darder, and that the long ball team abused as usual. He served the pass that led to the penalty on Raúl de Tomás. And only the bad head of yangel herrera it ended with him on the bench too early.

Yangel the miser. That greed breaks the sack was demonstrated by Yangel as soon as the second half began, throwing to the ground the plan drawn up by Vicente Moreno at the break. Iluso, despite carrying a yellow card in his backpack, committed an unnecessary, candid and reckless foul in the spinal cord that led to his just expulsion, leaving Espanyol with ten for more than 45 minutes. Property citizennot even two weeks ago assured the Venezuelan in ACE who looked perfectly playing the Manchester City-Real Madrid. But on a much smaller stage he put a hand on the neck of his team.

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Raúl de Tomás, during Alavés-Espanyol.

Rubén Sánchez, the hare and the tortoise. With effort and patience come the fruits. Yangel’s expulsion alerted Moreno, who in addition to strengthening the midfield with David Lopezremoved another dangerous admonished, Alex Vidalto give input to Ruben Sanchez, in a clearly improvable scenario to exhibit the virtues of a youth squad who, like many of his teammates from the subsidiary, awaits the arrival of better times to be curdled in this presumed idiosyncrasy of Espanyol that is the commitment to people of the house. The question is when.

The defense, the raven and the pitcher. Necessity sharpens ingenuity, as happened to an Alavés forced to win –and wait– so as not to be meat Second, against a Espanyol that offered him all sorts of facilities. In the first goal, by a Cabrera poorly profiled and a lime soft. In the second, due to an infamous lack of coordination in a lateral fault. A little to the end, a penalty from Cabrera on Martín miraculously saved by an unexpected offside. And, meanwhile, the same amount canceled, not without discussion, due to a presumed lack of climbing on Diego Lopez and the multiple occasions of a babazorro group that seemed more than Europe that of descent, with a spearhead, Joseluthat perhaps he thinks twice about his signing for the parakeets.

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