Ethereum 2.0 expected in September, but there is skepticism among users

Tim Beiko announced that with the Gray Galcier fork the difficulty test at block level 15,050,000 will be postponed

Key facts:
  • The Ethereum difficulty bomb had a new postponement for mid-September.

  • In social networks, users question whether it will be the last delay or if there will be others in the future.

Ethereum developers announced the Glacier Gray update, which will cause the difficulty bomb to activate on the network in mid-September. This is the first step towards merging with the new blockchain, Ethereum 2.0. However, many users showed their distrust of the information, due to the repeated postponements that occurred during the year.

According to him text of EIP-5133 (Ethereum improvement proposal), Ethereum’s difficulty bomb has been postponed by about 700,000 blocks compared to the previous plan. Thus, it will be executed in block 15,050,000.

As CriptoNoticias has previously reported, the developers projected its activation by the end of June, although the date was running in the course of the year 2022. The latest postponement was intended to give Ethereum customers more time (software that connects the nodes to the network) to prepare and release the necessary updates for the merger».

Following this idea, EIP-5133 details that the main objective of the postponement is “to avoid network degradation due to premature activation of the difficulty bomb”. It should be noted that this event, the difficulty bomb, will raise the complexity for mining new blocks to such a point that it will become impossible to do so with the current mining method.

That is where the merger with Ethereum 2.0 will come into action, which will work with another consensus algorithm to validate new blocks. Instead of using proof of work (proof of work or PoW), proof of stake will be used (Proof-of-Stake or PoS), which is intended to reduce the energy consumption of network mining.

Tim Beiko announced that with the Gray Galcier fork the difficulty test at block level 15,050,000 will be postponed
Tim Beiko provided details on the postponement of the difficulty bomb on Ethereum.
Source: Tim Beiko/ Twitter

Ethereum users do not believe in the estimated date for the difficulty bomb

Ethereum developer Tim Beiko reported on the new date for the difficulty bomb via a publication on his Twitter account. Nevertheless, the reaction of those who commented seems to reflect some disgust for the various postponements of the difficulty pump, which have been reported in this newspaper in recent months.


Ethereum 2.0 expected in September, but there is skepticism among users

For example, a tweeter joked about the number of times the difficulty bomb can be postponed and the possibility of moving to “Ethereum 3.0” instead of the current going through merger to Ethereum 2.0. similarly, another questioned that it is really the “last time” that this phase of the process is postponedwhile another user recommended “never trust the expectations of the Ethereum development team on the progress of the network update, it is always delayed and unsatisfactory.”

Of course, the gifs and memes They didn’t take long to arrive either. A large part of the comments are a sign that many users are not satisfied with the postponements, beyond the security precautions that the developers say they take to make the merger successful. Of course, there is also a group of users who expressed his enthusiasm facing the transition facing the network.

The EIP-5133 was called Gray Glacier in honor of the glacier located in southern Chile, that merges with another in a part of its immense extension. As explained by Beiko, it is the first update of Ethereum that is baptized in reference to a location in the southern hemisphere of the planet.

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