Europe against Apple: Parliament still persists


According to news reported by the Financial Times, the Digital Markets Act (DMA) is getting ready. This future regulation aims to limit the hegemony of the giants of the net by better framing their activities, but the various companies concerned remained in the order of the supposition until now. According to the newspaper, however, the definition of targets has been refined recently.

This would be any company capitalized to the tune of eighty billion dollars or more and offering at least one online service. Among the candidates, we obviously find Apple (more than two trillion dollars in valuation with the App Store, TV + or Music), Microsoft, Amazon, Alibaba, Booking, Meta, Tencent, Samsung, Adobe, Netflix, Salesforce, Walt Disney, Shopify or even Airbnb.

The question of monopoly takes center stage

For the moment the history does not say what will contain the text of the law, but several hypotheses are evoked. First, as in the United States and Japan, MEPs could choose to force Apple to allow third-party developers to notify their users of the existence of a payment method outside of iOS. In this way, exit the 30% commission charged by the brand on each in-app purchase.

Another possibility: Cupertino could be prohibited from preinstalling all its proprietary platforms on the iPhone. Files, Safari, Maps, Photos, Translate, Shortcuts, Weather, Mail, Calendar or even Books and Podcasts indeed have serious alternatives created by other publishers, whose potential is more than biased by the native presence of competing apps. ‘Apple on its mobiles.

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A case far from being closed

Between the Apple lobbying operations in Brussels with millions of euros and administrative slowness, the future directives of Europe are not in any case close to interfering in the daily life of GAFAM and other platforms. uberized. A first vote should take place next week, the precise content of which remains unknown. Most of the time, the institution then takes care of communicating the results of this type of decision via a press release: we will of course keep you informed in real time.

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