European parliament gives the green light for a single charger

Câble Lightning

Last week, the European Parliament ended years-old debates. By a very large majority, 582 votes to 40, parliamentarians adopted a new resolution which aims to end the war on shippers. Indeed, “The plethora of chargers are causing excessive costs and inconvenience for consumers in addition to generating an unnecessary ecological footprint»According to the parliamentarians who therefore used the law to regulate this market and set a common European standard.

The future will therefore be USB-C, already adopted by a large number of manufacturers under Android, the big change is expected from the side of the apple, which will, willy-nilly, also adopt USB-C as charging port for its European iPhones.

But Apple doesn’t seem ready to give up its trusty Lightning cable. In a statement made to the Financial Times about this new European standard, the Cupertino company said it was worried about this decision and hopes that “lhe European Commission will continue to seek a solution that will not restrict the ability of the industry to innovate and bring exciting new technologies to customers. “

USB-C as an inevitable universal solution?

But despite this pro-innovation discourse, Apple may not have a lot of freedom with regard to the charger of its iPhones of the future. Indeed, the apple brand will most certainly apply this European resolution in the coming years, perhaps even before its entry into force by Brussels, so as to avoid any conflict with institutions that do not already see the apple under. a very good eye on the old continent.

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Because if Lightning is Apple’s trademark in terms of charging port, USB-C is no stranger to Apple either. The latter has already adopted it on its iPad and Mac, and this new standard seems set to replace, in the more or less near future, the Lightning. But the recent release by Apple of its very first headphones, the AirPods Max, which for its part, puts back on the front of the stage a Lightning cable that seemed to be destined for the bottom of the drawer, leading with it, a little more doubts about Apple’s choices in the coming years with regard to recharging its iPhones.

This European standard could also force the man to the apple so that the latter switches to 100% wireless charging, a long-term goal that is very popular with Cupertino leaders.

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