Health European Union calls an emergency meeting in the face...

European Union calls an emergency meeting in the face of new strain of COVID-19


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They treat people with coronavirus.

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An urgent meeting at the highest level for this Monday in order to coordinate a community response to the new variant of the coronavirus, COVID-19 detected in the United Kingdom, was summoned by the German presidency of the European Union (EU).

“The Presidency has invited the EU member states to an urgent meeting of the crisis mechanism of the IPCR (Integrated Political Response to the Crisis) tomorrow morning at 11:00 am ”, his spokesperson tweeted this Sunday, Sebastian fischer.

The agreements adopted through the aforementioned mechanism support rapid and coordinated decision-making at the EU political level for major and complex crises.

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The meeting agenda, he specified Fischer, will be the “EU coordination on the response to the newly identified variant COVID-19 at Kingdom United“.

To prepare for Monday’s appointment, the cabinet of the president of the advice European, Charles Michel, called a videoconference at the technical level this Sunday.

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At that meeting, the representatives of “the member states exchanged information on the measures they intend to apply in the upcoming hours“, Such as” flight ban “and new measures on PCR tests.

Spain, France and Germany on Sunday asked the EU authorities for a coordinated community response on banning air traffic with the United Kingdom, after several countries have done so after confirming London the appearance of this new variant of the COVID-19.

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The Elysee advanced today that French President Emmanuel Macron had spoken about the health situation in the United Kingdom and about Brexit with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and the president of the European Council, Charles Michel.

The videoconference called this Sunday by Michel’s cabinet was aimed at “sharing information at the capital level on the latest development of the virus variant and the measures related to it,” European sources indicated.

This telematic meeting involved “representatives of the member states”, but “not at the level of leaders,” the sources specified, making it clear that it is independent of the specific contacts held this Sunday at the highest level.

Countries Low, Belgium, Italy and Austria They decided to ban flights with the United Kingdom, while Ireland will impose restrictions from the next midnight and Greece will require a seven-day quarantine from tomorrow on all people arriving from there.

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There is no indication that the new variant is more lethal than the previous ones, but there is evidence that it is more infectious, which has triggered the alarm and the possibility that more European countries join what already threatens to become an isolation of Gran Brittany.

According to British scientists, the new strain accelerates to a 70% more virus transmission and it seems responsible for the disturbing increase in infections in London and several counties in the southeast and east of England, which has forced it to confine more than 20 million people.

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was forced the day before to modify the population movement plans for this Christmas and placed London and southeast of England at risk level 4 –serious-, with the closure of stores that sell non-essential items, gyms or cinemas.

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- Advertisement -European Union calls an emergency meeting in the face of new strain of COVID-19European Union calls an emergency meeting in the face of new strain of COVID-19

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- Advertisement -European Union calls an emergency meeting in the face of new strain of COVID-19European Union calls an emergency meeting in the face of new strain of COVID-19

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